Top Tips From Our Maryland Hyundai Dealership To Help You Keep Your Car Running

New drivers may not be aware of the signals their cars give them or the routine maintenance needed to keep the vehicle running. Our Maryland Hyundai specialists have a few tips to help new and seasoned drivers keep their car running longer.

One of the most basic ways to keep your car running is to perform routine maintenance. Bring your car into our Maryland Hyundai service center for get fluids changed, tires rotated and changed, and oil and air filters replaced.

Do Not Ignore Your Car’s Signals

maryland-hyundai-maintenanceIt may seem obvious, but pay attention to the check engine light. Our Maryland Hyundai mechanics are surprised that many people do not know that a solid light means there is an issue, but you have time to get to a mechanic. However, a blinking light means you should get off the road right away because immediate attention is needed.

Do you often see your low fuel light or wait until you are in the red to get gas? This is very bad because fuel-injected engines rely on gas to cool and lubricate its components. When you are at the last line, you could be running on fumes, which can result in costly repairs.

Take care of your tires, they are your connection to the road. Simply check for deflated tires before you get in your car and when you are at gas stations. Proper inflation can lead to better gas mileage, but improper inflation could lead to blowouts.

These are just a few tips to help keep you on the road. If you have hear an unnatural noise, your tires are slipping, or if any lights are on please feel free to ask the technicians at Pohanka Hyundai of Salisbury, Maryland. Call us today at (866) 546-7957 or visit to set up an appointment today.

Track Record of Innovation Flourishes at Fredericksburg Honda Dealer

Honda has long been synonymous with reliable vehicles and innovative features. The manufacturer’s place as a technological leader didn’t come over night, though, but rather after decades of varied and diverse inspiration and research.

In fact, Honda’s growth over the years has led to much more than just the incredible vehicles drivers will find at Pohanka’s Fredericksburg Honda dealer. As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda has made significant contributions in a large number of fields over the years.

Since first creating bicycle engines and eventually motorcycles in the 1940s, Honda has continued to grow and to branch out into new territory and to thrive with innovative, cutting-edge advancements. In addition to the cars and motorcycles that Honda is best known for today, the company also manufactures such other products as power equipment, boat motors, ATVs, alternatively fueled vehicles, solar energy, and even robots.

Dedication to Innovation Leads to Respected Reputation for Honda Motor Company

Fredericksburg Honda dealerIn the years that have passed since Honda’s inception, the company has grown exponentially and reached incredible heights around the world. Pohanka’s Fredericksburg Honda dealership is an excellent example of the company’s standing, sharing in Honda’s dedication to performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction in every facet.

For over 50 years, Honda has been providing American consumers with exceptionally crafted products, including their impressive vehicles. In fact, America plays host to nine of Honda’s manufacturing plants, as well as 14 research & development facilities. All told, Honda has $14 billion capital investment in the US, and provides 147,000 jobs for Americans at Honda dealerships alone.

Perhaps the best way to take in Honda’s growth, though, is simply to get behind the wheel of one of the manufacturer’s incredible vehicles. Steadfast favorites like the Civic, Accord, and CR-V are all widely recognized for the reliability they provide for drivers, a quality that it present throughout Honda’s impressive lineup.

Years of progress and a dedication to engineering the best vehicles possible have culminated in a well-earned reputation for quality and innovation. To see the amazing spirit that Honda embodies firsthand, schedule a test drive by calling Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg directly at (540) 735-9100 or visiting online at today!

Hyundai Dealer in MD Sponsors Fundraiser for Charitable Organizations

For any business, it’s essential to identify as part of the surrounding community and to demonstrate appreciation for support. While there’s no obligation to give back to the community, it certainly demonstrates the appreciation a business feels for its supporters.

As a leading Hyundai dealer in MD, Pohanka Hyundai certainly has a lot of support to be grateful for. The dealership, of course, is quick to lend a helping hand when the opportunity to do so is presented.

One recent event in which Pohanka Hyundai was fortunate enough to take part was a golf tournament at one of Maryland’s premiere golf courses, Lake Presidential. The dealership was thrilled to be able to sponsor the tournament, which benefited a pair of highly deserving organizations.

Working out of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland, the J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association, Inc. is devoted to community service and legal excellence, as well as the advancement of African-American minorities within the legal profession.

Through the golf tournament, the J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association, Inc. was able to raise funds for scholarships. These scholarships will benefit deserving students in high school, college, and even law school.

Worthwhile Organizations Benefit from Local Golf Tournament

Hyundai MDIn addition to the J. Franklin Bourne Bar Association, Inc., the MD Hyundai dealership was also excited to be working with Operation Homefront. Funds raised at the golf tournament will aid Operation Homefront in the wide range of work they do to help military families during difficult times.

When a soldier is deployed or injured, it can be difficult for their family to carry on normally. From donated food boxes and grocery store gift certificates to assistance with moving or home repair, Operation Homefront is dedicated to helping soldiers and their families make the most of what can be a challenging time by providing a wealth of assistance and services.

While the Pohanka family of dealerships might be best known for their stellar selection and extraordinary customer service, they are always glad to contribute to the community in other ways. With such worthwhile causes, Pohanka Hyundai was more than happy to play a role in sponsoring the tournament at Lake Presidential. For more information on the dealership and its support of local institutions, call Pohanka Hyundai directly at (301) 423-1100 or visit online at today.

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