Drivers Trust Maryland Car Repair Shop for Quality and Efficiency

Maryland car repair specialsWhether you’re looking to keep your recently purchased car running like new or need a hand getting your older car back up to snuff, choosing a quality auto shop is an important decision. When you find a dependable staff with access to the latest equipment and techniques, you’ll be able to pick your car up feeling confident behind the wheel.

At Pohanka Honda, we’re proud to offer our customers dependable service at our Maryland car repair center. Thanks to our experienced ASE certified staff, we’re confident that we can properly diagnose your car’s troubles and fix it right the first time.

We can also help you to prevent problems before they start by keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance visits. From oil changes to wheel alignments, these quick and easy preventative measures can help you keep your car on the road instead of up on the lift for serious repairs.

Convenience Comes Hand in Hand with Quality at Pohanka Honda

Maryland car repair adviceOf course, we also recognize that even basic maintenance can be an obstacle in your busy schedule. For that reason, we strive to make taking care of your car as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our Maryland service center is open seven days a week; no need for an appointment, just bring it in!

When you come to see us, our staff will tend to your vehicle while you wait in our welcoming waiting area. Most of our services are carried out in under two hours to minimize your wait time, but we do offer a courtesy shuttle service if you need to be out and about while we take care of your vehicle.

At Pohanka Honda, we go the extra mile to ensure that your car runs its best and that your time with us is hassle-free. For more information on the plethora of services we offer and how we can help you, be sure to call us directly at (301) 899-7800 or to visit us online today. You’ll be glad you did.

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Virginia Honda Dealership Offers Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Virginia Honda dealerIt’s no secret that safety should be on your mind every time you start up your car. Winter driving is a whole different animal, though, and the snow and ice that come with the coldest winter in the last quarter century here in Virginia can make for some risky situations on the road.

Winter plays host to many more accidents than the warmer months, which makes sense considering how slick the roads can get when the snow starts to fall. The experts at our Virginia Honda dealership know how risky winter driving can be, though, and they have some tips to help you reduce your risk.

Take Your Time

Allowing plenty of space to brake is always important, and doubly so in the winter. When the driver in front of you suddenly hits their brakes – or worse, gets into an accident – you and your car need plenty of time to come to a safe stop.

Icy roads can lead to sliding if you’re driving too aggressively, so you’ll want to leave yourself a lot more space than usual. You’ll also want to factor in reduced visibility, if the snow is still coming down.

Know Your Vehicle

Virginia Honda repairAnother problem that many drivers encounter is becoming over confident behind the wheel. Even with advanced features like Honda’s Anti-Lock Braking system and Vehicle Stability Assist, it’s important to know the limits of your vehicle and to drive cautiously. While these features are advanced and certainly make a difference, a vehicle is still only as good as its driver.

Take the time to learn whether your vehicle is front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive, and how this can impact over- or understeering. It’s important to know how your car is likely to respond and how to correct this, especially on slick roads.

Be Prepared

In addition to keeping your wits about you on the road, it’s important to make sure your car is ready for winter driving. Checking key components like your brake fluid and antifreeze can help your car run better in the cold, while checking your tires can ensure adequate traction.

If it’s time to winterize your vehicle or if you’re not sure whether or not your car is ready to brave the cold, check in with the experts at our Virginia Honda service center. They’ll get you squared away so that you can feel confident behind the wheel.

For more information on winter driving and ways you can be prepared, be sure to call Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg directly at (540) 735-9100 or to visit us online today!

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Capitol Heights Volkswagen Dealer Offers Exceptional Service Experience

Capitol Heights Volkswagen dealerAt Pohanka Volkswagen, we’re well aware that we aren’t the only dealership you can choose to give your business to. We’re confident, though, that we can give you a superior dealership experience, whether you’re visiting us to make a purchase or to maintain your current vehicle.

As the newest and largest Volkswagen dealer in the Washington DC area, our Capitol Heights Volkswagen dealership has a lot to bring to the table. We’re easy to find thanks to our convenient location – just look for the car tower on Capitol Beltway at Exit 13!

Once you arrive, our professional staff has the knowledge to help you find the perfect model from our great selection. Even better, we guarantee the lowest price! We’re devoted to helping you find the right car at the right price for your needs, with low rate financing available, as well.

For even greater peace of mind, we offer free maintenance on our new vehicle sales. All of our pre-owned vehicles come under warranty, too.

Service Center Brings Convenience to Maryland Drivers

Capitol Heights Volkswagen serviceOur exceptional experience doesn’t end at our new and used vehicle lots, either. We’re also dedicated to providing an outstanding experience in our Volkswagen service center. At our state-of-the-art facility, you can visit us any time for service; no need for an appointment, just bring it in! We even offer one year warranty on all tires, including roadside assistance.

While you wait, we offer a luxury lounge including leather lounge chairs, free Wi-Fi, a refreshment bar with coffee and cookies, and widescreen TVs and a children’s play area for your entertainment. We also offer a courtesy shuttle service to the metro, if you prefer to go about your business while we service your vehicle.

No matter what you’re after, you can count on Pohanka Volkswagen to deliver when it comes to your automotive needs. Our sales and service centers are both open seven days a week, so be sure to call us directly at (410) 458-3400 or to contact our Capitol Heights Volkswagen dealership online today for more information!

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