Young Drivers Seize the Day at Maryland Volkswagen Dealer

Maryland Volkswagen dealer locationsFor many first time shoppers, a trip to the dealership can be an overwhelming experience. With so many options to choose from and the prospect of finally owning a first car, the excitement can be enough to make it difficult for younger drivers to make a decision.

At our Maryland Volkswagen dealer, our team’s top priority is always to work hard in order to help our customers find the perfect vehicle. Of course, this stands just as true for younger shopper and those who are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a vehicle, and your priorities are sure to change depending on your personality and the situation at hand. One thing that many young motorists share during the shopping process, though, is a focus on price. At Pohanka Volkswagen, we’re here to help drivers make the right choice.

Quality Pre-Owned Options Foster the Perfect Purchase

Volkswagen dealership value in MarylandLike many other things in life, the key to shopping for an affordable vehicle is to strike a perfect balance. Shopping for an inexpensive new car isn’t always your best bet, as many new economy cars may leave you without safety features or extra that you deserve.

Instead, many experts agree that shopping for a late model used car – think between two and five years old – is often the best choice, particularly for younger drivers or shoppers on a budget. Our inventory of one-owner used cars in Maryland is just the ticket for Volkswagen fans!

In addition to being closely inspected by Pohanka Volkswagen’s expert team, you’ll find that many of these late model vehicles still carry warranty coverage from the manufacturer to set your mind at ease. Combined with the dependability of a newer vehicle and the modern features you crave, this peace of mind is just what young drivers need to be confident on the road.

Whether you’re a first time shopper or just looking to find the perfect vehicle to suit your current budget, our team can help you find what you’re after. For more information, be sure to contact Pohanka Volkswagen online or to call our team directly at (301) 808-7100 today!

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Pop Culture Highlights the Power and Prestige of the Lexus Nameplate

For drivers who are eager to capture the best behind the wheel, the iconic Lexus badging says it all. Instantly recognizable, Lexus vehicle are affiliated with status, success, performance, and power.

The drivers who visit Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly seeking the impressive aesthetic of a Lexus vehicle aren’t alone, either. For a quarter of a century, the minds behind many of your favorite media projects have been looking to Lexus to provide an unparalleled sense of refinement.

Music to Your Ears

Lexus surround sound systemsWith so much beauty built into the design of each Lexus, it’s easy for the visual aspect to overshadow the sonic element of these captivating vehicles. Once you hear a new Lexus purr, though, you’re sure to remember that sweet sound forever.

Of course, the tailpipe isn’t the only place you’ll hear the sound of a Lexus; if you’re a hip-hop fan, then you’ve probably heard the automaker’s name pumped through your speakers, too. Artists like R. Kelly, Ice Cube, and Jay Z have all been inspired to reference the legendary brand in their songs.

Action-Packed Appearances

Lexus GX 460 capabilityFrom action to drama, many television shows and films have put Lexus’ lineup to the test when it comes to performance. Whether it’s running down criminals or tackling tough terrain, Hollywood’s love affair with Lexus is worth watching.

Fans of The Sopranos will surely remember Tony Soprano sliding into a Lexus for a chase in the pilot episode, while others will recall the automaker’s role in the fifth installment of the ultimate car lover’s franchise, The Fast and the Furious.

Lexus has landed on the right side of the law on screen, too; agents in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cash in on the capability and class of the Lexus GF 460 when carrying out fieldwork.

Fantasy and Reality Meet in Lexus

Lexus LS 600H luxuryWhether you’re a fan of scripted drama or anything-goes reality television, you can count on Lexus to make an appearance when it comes to drivers who only settle for the best.

Ari Gold, Entourage’s successful Hollywood agent, has been shown behind the wheel of his Lexus LS 600h. Back in the real world, chef Robert Irvine chooses a Lexus RX throughout his Food Network reality show, Restaurant Impossible. Somewhere between the two, Larry David is often spotted in his silver Lexus GS on the mostly-improvised Curb Your Enthusiasm.

While your life may not always be eventful as your favorite shows and movies, Lexus can guarantee that you’ll have plenty to be excited about every time you slide behind the wheel. For more information on the latest vehicle from Lexus, be sure to contact Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly online or to call our team directly at (888) 851-0820 today.

VA Hyundai Dealership Caters to Family Drivers with Award-Winning Crossover

VA Hyundai Santa Fe dealersIn today’s hectic world, there aren’t many drivers on the road who don’t consider themselves to be busy. It’s fairly evident, though, that family drivers are some of the busiest of them all. With such loaded schedules, not to mention the constant changes of a growing family, versatility is positively essential.

At our VA Hyundai dealership, many of our team members have families of their own and are well aware of the challenges that are unique to hauling the whole crew. The same can be said about the staff at, which means that their team gave some special thought to their choice of the 2015 Family Car of the Year.

Drivers who have visited Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg lately probably won’t be surprised to learn which vehicle picked for families this year: the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Family-Friendly Crossover Makes Life Easy for the Whole Bunch

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport dealership VAThe 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe at our VA dealership has been turning heads since the moment it arrived in our showroom, and it’s easy to see why given the rave reviews it’s received from the experts at As they say, “[The 2015 Santa Fe] is, simply put, the best family car for 2015.”

They go on to note the many qualities that make this crossover standout so starkly, even in such a saturated segment. “The Santa Fe offers loads of standard features to make families swoon, impressive fit and finish, drive settings customizable for every driver in your brood, and Hyundai’s legendary 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.” also notes the 2015 Santa Fe’s advanced, flexible technology. Features like curfew and speed limit alerts though BlueLink make this crossover a strong ally when it’s time for younger drivers to start hitting the road on their own. The 2015 Santa Fe is the perfect choice for families, no matter what changes are coming your way.

To see this award-winning crossover for yourself, be sure to visit us for a test drive. You can contact Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg online, or simply call our team directly at (800) 764-1652 today!

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