Virginia Honda Dealer Delivers Award-Winning Design

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you want the very best. Fortunately, Honda shares in that same attitude when they set out to design an all-new model.

As it enters its 10th generation, the Civic at our Virginia Honda dealership is better than ever. After all, you don’t simply redesign a nameplate as renowned and popular as the Civic without big aspirations. The 2016 Civic shows, beyond a doubt, just how incredible a daily driver can be.

Virginia 2016 Honda Civic dealers

Of course, our staff and customers aren’t the only ones perking up and taking notice of this incredible all-new design. The folks over at are noticing, too.

2016 Civic Wins Car Of The Year

Drivers who are eager to find a high-end look and feel in an attainable package will surely find plenty to love in the 2016 Honda Civic at our Virginia dealership. Once you take a test drive, you’re sure to notice all of the qualities that stood out to the editorial team at

2016 Honda models for sale Virginia

As AutoGuide Group Editorial Director Colum Wood notes, “The new Civic is easily the best all-around package I’ve driven, not just this year, but in a very long time. It’s premium, yet sporty, and I just love that new turbocharged engine. A car that’s this good, with Honda’s reputation for quality, reliability and durability, just doesn’t come along every day.”

2016 sees more than just a facelift for this popular model. In addition to improved styling inside and out to rival more high-end competitors, the 2016 Civic also sports plenty to write home about under the hood. In addition to forced induction, EX-T models and above are geared with a 1.5L turbocharged engine for an all-new Civic experience.

To be among the first to experience the all-new 2016 Civic firsthand, come visit us for a test drive! You can contact us online or call the Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg team at (540) 735-9100 today.

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Bowie Area Hyundai Drivers Get Rolling Again

Modern motorists tend to have plenty of items stacked onto their to-do lists, and the result can often be less-than-perfect focus when you climb into the car to head to your next destination. Unfortunately, the team at our Bowie area Hyundai dealership service center has seen this take a toll on more than a few vehicles.

More specifically, we’re talking about the results of forgetting to disengage the parking brake before you hit the road! If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, then you use the parking brake constantly and, with any luck, have a habit of releasing it when you start your vehicle. If you only use the parking brake on hills and such, though, then it can easily escape your mind since it’s not part of your typical routine.

Hyundai brake service near Bowie

So, just how bad is it to drive with your parking brake on? The answer, according to the certified technicians at our Hyundai service center near Bowie, is that it simply depends.

The Results Of Leaving Your Parking Brake On

The biggest factors in the damage caused by leaving your parking brake engaged are how far and how fast you go before realizing the problem. Fortunately, most modern vehicles have an illuminated or audible indicator to let you know the brake is on. Some even disengage it automatically when you put the car in gear.

If you do hit the road with the parking brake on, the results can vary depending on whether you’re sporting front- or rear-wheel drive. With front-wheel drive, it’s possible that the front wheels will simply drag the back ones along; with rear-wheel drive, you’re more likely to lose your steering ability, if you get going at all.

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Additionally, driving with the parking brake on can be devastating for many of your vehicle’s components. The brakes, as well as the rotors or drums, will heat up much more than usual and, as a result, wear down very quickly. On top of that, your engine will be working harder in an attempt to get things moving, which creates a world of unnecessary stress.

Don’t worry, though: our service center offers extended hours seven days a week. No need for an appointment, just bring it in! So if you think you may have stressed your car’s system out with a recent lapse in attention, our experts are here to help. Simply contact us online or call the Pohanka Hyundai team at (301) 423-1100 today to get things back in shape!

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Hyundai Dealer Serving Stafford Sheds Light On Winter Tires

It looks like winter is finally catching up with us, and we all know how terrible the roads can be once the snow starts to fall. When curling up with a blanket and a good book isn’t an option, your next best bet is to ensure that your car is geared for optimum grip on the road!

At our Stafford area Hyundai dealership, we certainly recommend making the switch to winter tires for the season. Many drivers have questions about winter tires, though, so we’ve compiled some answers to help you make sense of things.

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All-Season Tires vs Winter Tires

You would assume from the name that all-season tires are a good fit for all seasons, but that isn’t always the case. While all-season tires are designed to function in most situations, they aren’t specialized for the rigors of snow and ice. They also tend to be made of harder materials, which aren’t ideal for the frigid temperatures that come with winter.

An easy way to think of things is to imagine your all-season tires as your casual shoes and winter tires as snow boots. While you can walk through the snow in your every day shoes, you’re a lot more likely to lose your footing and slip.

What Makes Winter Tires Different?

At our Hyundai tire shop serving Stafford, we’re very intimately acquainted with the qualities that make different tires standout. For winter tires, or snow tires, one of the key differences is the use of a softer material that remains flexible in cold temperatures.

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What you’re more likely to notice, though, is the difference in tread patterns on winter tires. These treads, whether they’re studded or non-studded, are specifically designed to grip the slick road surfaces that come with snow and ice.

At the end of the day, switching to winter tires for the season is almost always a worthwhile investment when you’re looking ahead at a snowy season. To learn more about your options, be sure to contact us online or to call the Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg team at (800) 764-2652 today. Our service department offers extended hours seven days a week for your convenience; no need for an appointment, just bring it in!

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