Hyundai Brings Bowie Area Drivers America’s Most Energy-Efficient Car


The debut of the Hyundai Ioniq has sparked plenty of excitement among environmentally minded drivers. As the first nameplate to offer electric, hybrid, and plug-in variants, Ioniq is truly an industry first. It’s no wonder shoppers at our Bowie area Hyundai dealership are so excited!

Of course, the main benefit of choosing an electric or hybrid vehicle is the reduction in fuel and energy use. Getting more out of every gallon of fuel—or, for electric vehicle owners, going farther with less energy—helps motorists to significantly reduce their impact on the environment.

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The goal of the Ioniq lineup is to help drivers do exactly that—and the 2017 Ioniq Electric succeeds with flying colors. In fact, it has now taken the title of the most energy-efficient car on sale in the U.S., beating out some very stiff competition.

Industry-Leading Figures

For traditional vehicle, efficiency is measured in Miles Per Gallon, typically seen as mpg. This is also used to measure the efficiency of the Hyundai hybrids at our Bowie area dealership, which use electric motors to help their gas engines use less fuel.

For electric vehicles, the EPA measures efficiency in MPGe, which indicates Miles Per Gallon Equivalent. This refers to the distance an electric vehicle can travel using an amount of electric energy equivalent to the energy found in a gallon of tradition gasoline.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

The 2017 Ioniq Electric checks in at an EPA-estimated 135 MPGe, beating out all of its current competition in the U.S. electric car market.* With an EPA-rated range of 124 miles, the 2017 Ioniq Electric truly brings drivers a completely new take on what an electric vehicle has the potential to be capable of.

For additional info on Hyundai’s Ioniq lineup, as well as when you can expect to find these modern marvels at Pohanka Hyundai, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (301) 423-1100 today!

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*EPA estimates for comparison. Your actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits, and vehicle’s condition.

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