Auto Body Shops in Virginia Help Drivers Steer Clear of Accidents

Auto body repair experts in VirginiaAt Pohanka Collision Centers, we see drivers sorting through the aftermath of an accident all the time. We’re more than happy to help reduce stress and take care of things when this situation arises, of course, but our team would sincerely rather see our customers avoid collisions altogether.

The team at our auto body shops in Virginia is intimately familiar with many collisions, and the truth is that many “accidents” aren’t blameless. By taking some simple steps, our customers can drastically reduce the likelihood of a collision while they’re out on the road.

Attention to Detail Under the Hood and Behind the Wheel Makes a Difference

Virginia auto body shop repair processFor some of our customers, a trip to one of our Virginia body shops is rooted in a failure to properly maintain their vehicle beforehand. Many basic maintenance practices can help your car to be more responsive, which can help you to stay out of sticky situations on the go.

Maintaining your brakes and tires, for instance, can have a big impact on your car’s stopping power. This is especially true when an unexpected situation on the road calls for emergency braking. Visit any Pohanka dealership service department to speak with an expert certified technician about how you can better care for your car to ensure that it’s prepared for the unexpected!

Unfortunately, another big contributor to accidents today is driver distraction. With so many devices demanding our attention, it can be all too easy to take your eyes off of the road. Even a brief moment of distraction can be disastrous, though, which is why it’s essential to avoid unnecessary distractions. Use your vehicle’s hands-free system, if it has one, or wait to check your phone until you have a chance to put your vehicle in park.

Of course, some accidents truly are unavoidable. While no one plans to be in an accident, you can plan on fast, helpful service when you trust Pohanka Collision to repair your vehicle. For more information on our full range of collision repair services, be sure to contact our auto body shops online or to call us directly at (703) 751-5535 today!

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