Volkswagen Dealer near Bowie Offers Sweet Salvation from Daily Stresses

No matter what your profession, chances are that you’re plagued by the same problem as other workers around the world: stress. While sometimes it may seem like your best bet is to pack a knapsack, walk off into the woods, and never return to the office, the team at our Volkswagen dealer serving Bowie doesn’t recommend it. Instead, check out our tips for taking some of the stress out of your day!

Find Solace in Your Commute

New Volkswagen dealership serving BowieOnce you get to work, we know that your day is probably loaded with emails, to-do lists, and meetings galore. While it might be beneficial to organize your thoughts a bit on the way into the office, it certainly isn’t worth stressing on your way to and from work.

Instead, turn your commute into your own personal time for a bit of unwinding. Rather than dwelling on work stresses that you can’t fix from behind the wheel anyway, our Bowie area Volkswagen dealership suggests focusing on the parts of your drive that you enjoy.

Personalize Your Ride

As a driver, you have the advantage of being in control of your space. Hone in on the things that put you at ease, and find ways to squeeze them into your commute.

Your commute may force you to spend time on the beltway, but with the right air freshener you can lose yourself on the beach or in the woods. Choose the soundtrack that’s right for you, too. If talk radio is driving you crazy, try something new. Classical music, audio books, or language learning programs are all great options that offer a change of pace.

Take Control of the Situation

Bowie area Volkswagen dealer locationsSometimes, the trouble with your commute is simply the commute itself. If the same old traffic and drab landscape are starting to drive you up a wall, look into switching things up. Check with your employer to see if you can find some play in your hours. Coming in an hour earlier or later could have a drastic impact on the traffic you encounter each day.

It’s also worth looking into alternative routes. Even if it takes a bit longer, leaving early can be worthwhile for a change of scenery along the way once or twice a week. Be sure to do your research first, though!

If you’re after a true change of pace, nothing spices up your commute more than a new car that you love. To get the ball rolling toward the perfect new model, be sure to reach out to Pohanka Volkswagen online or to call our team at (301) 808-7100 today!

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Bowie area Volkswagen Dealer Caters to the Needs of Daily Drivers

Bowie area VW dealersWhether you’re commuting to the office, chauffeuring for the family, or just have places to be, driving on a daily basis shouldn’t be a source of stress. Choosing the right vehicle for your needs can make your trip a lot more exciting and even help you save on fuel.

At our Bowie area Volkswagen dealer, we know that a lot of drivers don’t think of diesel as a valid option right away. For most drivers, diesel engines are associated with trucks and heavy loads. The experts over at MSN Autos, though, know better than to ignore the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel.

In a recent breakdown of some of the best choices for daily drivers, the editors at MSN Auto recognized the 2014 Jetta TDI as a smart choice for drivers with people to see and places to go. With a wealth of usable torque, standout efficiency, and a well appointed interior, this model is set to turn your commute into your favorite time of day.

Volkswagen Sparks Excitement in the Hearts of Spirited Motorists

VW Jetta dealership serving BowieOf course, the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI brings Bowie drivers the excitement that comes with German engineering. With its 2.0L TDI Clean Diesel engine, this smart sedan delivers 140 horsepower along with a staggering 236 lb-ft of torque for incredibly responsive performance.

Another perk of this clean diesel powertrain, though, is surprisingly efficient power. Drivers who elect for this smartly appointed diesel model can anticipate EPA estimates as high as 42 mpg on the highway,* which is sure to help in making short work of your daily commute.

For drivers who are looking to get more out of their daily drive, Volkswagen understands. To learn more about the automaker’s clean diesel technology and the 2015 Jetta, be sure to contact our VW dealership online or to call the team at Pohanka Volkswagen directly at (301) 808-7100 today!

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*Based on 2014 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, battery-pack and other factors.

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