Chantilly Chevrolet Silverado Drivers Gear Up for the Hunt

The folks who visit our Chantilly Chevy dealership shopping for pickup trucks come from all walks of life, but they can all agree that the Silverado’s legendary capability makes their jobs and hobbies easier to enjoy! Even on the toughest terrain, the Silverado’s rugged capability, powerful hauling capacity, and comfortable ride make for a great time behind the wheel.

For those who hunt, we don’t have to tell you that deer season is in full swing. We also don’t have to tell you that a capable pickup is essential for getting where you need to be and bringing back your haul!

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Before you hop in your 2017 Chevrolet Silverado and get a little Chantilly mud on the tires this deer season, though, be sure to review local regulations for deer hunting. We also suggest considering a donation to help those in need this season!

Deer Hunting Regulations in Fairfax County

There’s no daily bag limit in Fairfax County, though there is a maximum of three antlered deer inside of a license year.

It’s important to note, though, that there is a proportional stipulation on when those antlered deer can be taken. Before taking a second antlered deer, hunters in Fairfax County must first take two antlerless deer. Before taking a third antlered deer, they must take at least three antlerless deer. All of these rules, of course, apply to deer taken inside Fairfax County (including all cities and towns within the county).

Chantilly deer hunting

While you’re planning for the season, we encourage you to consider Hunters For The Hungry. This program allows hunters who bag more than their family needs to donate deer to processing centers, where the meat will be processed and used to feed those in need.

Note that in addition to recent bags, hunters are encouraged to donate frozen meet from the 2015 season in order to make room for this year’s harvest!

To schedule a test drive in a new Chevy truck to make the most of this year’s hunting season, don’t hesitate to contact Pohanka Chevrolet online or to call our team directly at (703) 968-6677 today!

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Chantilly Chevrolet Drivers Appreciate the Automaker’s Gold Standard

Today, the Chevrolet bowtie emblem is a widely recognized sight. Adorning the hoods of some of the most impressive vehicles on the road, the bowtie represents the gold standard that Chevrolet holds all of its vehicles to. At our Chantilly Chevrolet dealership, we’re proud to embrace the same standards for customer service and satisfaction.

Though there’s no denying what the Chevy bowtie stands for, its origins aren’t quite as clean cut. 2013 marks the 100 year anniversary of the bowtie emblem, which first appeared towards the end of 1913. It’s no secret that Chevrolet cofounder William C. Durant was the emblem’s creator, but its actual conception is somewhat less solid.

The commonly accepted story is that Durant drew his inspiration from the wallpaper he saw in a French hotel while traveling in 1908. As the story goes, Durant was so captivated by the design that he tore off a bit of the wallpaper and carried it with him before working it into the company’s logo.

Despite Conflicting Accounts, the Chevy Bowtie Boasts a Proud History

Chantilly ChevroletMore than 15 years after the bowtie emblem’s first appearance, though, Durant’s daughter published a book about her father. In My Father, Durant’s daughter recounts a story of Durant sketching out the design on a piece of paper during dinner.

While this account could plausibly go hand-in-hand with the supposed wallpaper inspiration, Durant’s wife tells a different story. According to Durant’s widow, he had once spotted a design in a newspaper while vacationing in Virginia and stated that it would make a good emblem for Chevy. Unfortunately, she did not specify what the design was or how it played into the development of the bowtie.

Despite the somewhat mysterious origins of the bowtie emblem, though, there’s no denying the gold standard that it has come to represent for the company over the course of the century since its arrival on the road. To experience Chevrolet’s dedication to quality firsthand, be sure to visit our Chevrolet dealership in Chantilly today or to call us directly at (703) 968-6677 today.

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