Chantilly Lexus Dealership Offers Winter Driving Tips

Chantilly Lexus dealershipWe may enjoy mild weather and plenty of sunshine throughout most of the year, but a solid snowfall can change the landscape drastically here in Virginia. Of course, the view isn’t the only thing that changes; roadways can become slick after just a dusting.

At Pohanka Lexus, we love driving just as much as you do and we’ve amassed plenty of experience when it comes to navigation winter roadways. The staff at our Chantilly Lexus dealership has a few essential tips that can help you skate through winter weather.

Of course, the first step is preparing your car for winter. Double checking your tires and antifreeze is essential; our expert technicians can certainly lend a hand. It’s also a good idea to prepare your trunk or cargo area with an ice scraper, snow shovel, salt, blankets, and snacks for emergencies.

Planning Ahead Makes for Safer Winter Travel

Chantilly Lexus dealer hoursSometimes the best way to stay safe when winter weather hits is to stay off the road. If you don’t absolutely need to travel, staying in can be your best bet. If you do need to head out, be sure to check local traffic and weather reports so you can know what to expect when you hit the road.

The way you drive can also play a big role in your safety, should you need to head out during or after winter weather conditions. It’s crucial that you take your time and allow extra space for stopping; sudden braking can cause even the best cars to slide. Also be careful to go slowly on turns and curves, as oversteering or understeering on slick roads can lead to a loss of control.

It’s also important to be aware that dangerous conditions aren’t always obvious. Even after the snow has stopped and roads have been plowed, black ice can crop up unexpectedly. This is especially true on bridges and overpasses.

Our top priority at Pohanka Lexus is our customers, and that includes doing all we can to ensure your safety on the road.  For more information on driving in winter weather and ways you can prepare you vehicle for slick roads, be sure to contact our Chantilly Lexus dealer online or to call us directly at (888) 851-0820 today.

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