College Park Area Honda Shoppers Receive Impeccable Customer Service

Shopping for a new vehicle involves plenty of decision-making, from the type of car you want to the color of the paint. Before you get to those choices, though, you’ve got a decision that’s even more important: where to shop!

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At Pohanka Honda, we know that our customers have many different options when selecting a dealership. While there are plenty of places you can find a car, you won’t find the Pohanka Difference anywhere but here!

Putting Customers First Since 1919

Since starting as a single service center back in 1919, the Pohanka family of dealerships has grown to become a well-known and widely respected fixture in the community! We’re proud to say that our dedication to our customers has earned great reviews for our Honda dealership serving College Park.

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The loyalty we inspire in our shoppers is no accident; our goal is to treat every customer like family, and it shows in the way that we do business! After all, our team and our reputation are our most important assets.

During each and every interaction, our staff is committed to providing an exceptional dealership experience that’s based around trust, fairness, and excellence. By striving to embody these traits, we’re able to continue the pursuit of our mission statement:

  • Right The First Time
  • Make it easy for the customer
  • Make it easy for the team member
  • Find a way to do it better, faster, and less expensive without sacrificing service

With these goals in mind, it’s easy to see that our dealership is committed to exceeding your expectations at every turn. Whatever your automotive needs are, you can always count on our accommodating team to provide the personalized assistance that you need!

To learn more about the Pohanka Difference and all the ways we strive to provide you with a better shopping experience, we invite you to contact our Honda dealer serving College Park online or to call the Pohanka Honda team at (301) 899-7800 today!

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College Park Area Honda Experts Help Drivers Avoid Dings

When it comes to avoiding collisions, your best bet is to stay aware, stay alert, and drive defensively when you’re out on the road. Sometimes, though, dents and dings seem to find their way to your vehicle even when it’s not in motion.

Car door dents

The team at our Honda dealership serving College Park knows that there’s nothing worse than returning to your vehicle to find a new dent glaring back at you from one of the body panels. While you can’t take evasive action when you’re not behind the wheel, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take steps to protect your car.

Minimizing the Risk of Damage

In our experience, the bulk of mysterious dents tend to appear in parking lots. With so many drivers and vehicles coming and going, it can be hard to pinpoint who caused a ding—especially if the other driver doesn’t even realize that they’ve swung their door into yours.

To prevent a trip to the body shop, we recommend making an effort to park at the end of a row; if you can pull into a space that’s perpendicular to the curb, that’s even better. Getting a spot that’s exposed on fewer sides reduces the chances of another driver or a rogue shopping cart colliding with your vehicle.

Similarly, parking far away from your destination—out in the boonies, so to speak—can lower the odds of another motorist parking beside you. The walk may not always be fun, but you may come to appreciate the extra exercise!

Of course, parking lots aren’t the only place that dents can find their way to your doors and fenders. Parking in the garage is always a good idea, if you have one. If not, you might consider investing in a quality car cover. This is especially true if you have kids playing in or near the driveway.

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When accidents can’t be avoided, don’t worry; our collision centers have you covered! To learn more about our services, ranging from dent repair to major panel replacements and paint matching, be sure to contact our Honda repair center serving College Park online or to call the Pohanka Honda team at (301) 899-7800 today.

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Drivers Near College Park Stay Secure With Honda Sensing

Traditionally, safety behind the wheel has been all about reducing the impact of a collision in the cabin. Passive safety features like the frame design and airbags are engineered to fit this description, with the Honda-exclusive ACE body structure and advanced airbags like dual-stage, multiple-threshold front airbags working to protect occupants in a crash.

These days, though, you’ll find a whole new facet in the quest to engineer safe vehicles at our College Park area Honda dealership. Active safety features are geared toward helping to prevent accidents in the first place, and you’ll find a great collection of options thanks to the Honda Sensing™ system.

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Honda Sensing Ushers In A New Age Of Automotive Safety

A new suite of driver assist features for the 2016 Honda models at our College Park area showroom, Honda Sensing™ has been designed to enhance driver alertness and awareness behind the wheel. In doing so, this suite enables drivers to make better decisions and to take corrective action. In some cases, your Honda vehicle will even take corrective action on its own to help avoid a collision.

Lane Departure Warning is a system designed to monitor the lane on the road, giving a visual and auditory signal if you begin to leave the lane without signaling. This can be further supplemented with the Lane Keeping Assist System, which will adjust the vehicle’s steering to keep you centered.

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Road Departure Mitigation brings this idea to the next level, taking note if you begin to leave the roadway while traveling between 45-90 mph without signaling. The system will initially send a series of vibrations to the steering wheel to alert you and, if ignored, will adjust the steering and speed to help keep you in the lane.

Even on the straight and narrow, Honda Sensing™ can help make things easier. Adaptive Cruise Control allows you to maintain a set speed while also adjusting for obstructions ahead, braking and accelerating as appropriate to keep with the flow of traffic. A similar idea is applied with Forward Collision Warning and Collision Mitigation Braking, which work together to take note of obstructions in your path, alert you, and apply brake pressure if necessary.

As the safety systems in our vehicles continue to get smarter, the smart thing for you to do is to get behind the wheel of a new Honda! For more information on our current inventory, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact us online or to call the Pohanka Honda team at (301) 899-7800 today.

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