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At Pohanka Acura, our team firmly believes that buying a new vehicle should be one of the most exciting experiences there is! For many drivers, though, it can be a lot to take in all at once. This is especially true for first time shoppers. Don’t worry, though; our team is here to help you prepare!

Do Your Homework

For modern motorists, access to online resources means that researching a new car can start before you even leave home. Take the time to explore our lineup online, and start to get an idea of what features you might like to find in a new vehicle.

DC area Acura showroom

Having a rough idea of what you’re after can help us to help you find the perfect ride! Of course, we can point you in the right direction if you decide to drop by our showroom on a whim, too.

Don’t forget to take your research a step beyond just cars, too. Choosing the right dealership is crucial, too, which is why we’re always happy to share customer reviews of our Acura dealership serving DC with our potential shoppers.

Crunch Some Numbers

Our financial experts are here to help, but having some rough figures in mind can help you to plan out your purchase. Taking the time to check out your credit report before applying for financing, for instance, can help you plan out your next steps.

2017 Acura models for sale near DC

Don’t let the figures dictate your choices, though. We want to see you behind the wheel of the vehicle you love, which means we’re happy to work with you and provide options for financing that may not have crossed your mind previously. Let our team get to know you so that we can work alongside you while planning out your lease or purchase at our DC area Acura dealer.

Whether you’ve got a notepad full of details from your extensive vehicle research or you just know you want to get behind the wheel of something new, our experts are in your corner! To get the ball rolling toward a new Acura vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact Pohanka Acura online or to call our team at (703) 968-6600 today.

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DC Area Acura Drivers Shine on the Road

If you own an Acura, then you don’t have to tell us how much you love your car. Spending every day surrounded by these luxurious models, we know just how incredible it is to slide behind the wheel and see the Acura emblem in front of you!

When you love the look and feel of your vehicle the way that customers at our DC area Acura dealership do, then it’s only logical that you want it to shine and looks its best. Our team makes it easy to ensure that your car always looks great!

DC area Acura detailing

We offer a wide range of different detailing packages. With both interior and exterior options from basic cleaning to full detailing, allowing you to find an option that’s perfect for your needs and your budget.

Choosing the Perfect Detailing Package for You

When it comes to Acura detailing near DC, our goal is to help you get your car looking its absolute best while also protecting its residual value. Choose from our available packages to suit your needs!

We start with our Courtesy Package. In addition to being our basic package, this option is also complimentary each time you bring your vehicle to our service center! It includes an exterior wash and tire wipe down, as well as an interior vacuuming and dashboard wipe down.

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Next up is our Hand Wash Package, which complements a hand washing with a protective waxing. You’ll also enjoy tire shine, as well as interior and exterior window cleaning for that spotless glass look that you love. Make the jump to our Exterior Detail Package, and you’ll get the added benefit of a thorough engine bay cleaning.

In the cabin, our Interior Package goes a step beyond the typical cleaning. In addition to vacuuming your cabin, we’ll shampoo your carpets and ensure dirt is removed from every nook and cranny. Afterwards, your interior will receive an application of fabric protectant and your windows will be cleaned.

For the works, just ask for our Ultimate Package! You’ll receive everything listed above, covering your exterior, engine bay, windows, and interior as thoroughly as possible. To learn more about our detailing services, or if you’d like to schedule a detailing or service visit, be sure to contact Pohanka Acura online or to call our team at (703) 968-6600 today!

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Acura Dealer Serving DC Helps Drivers Stay Sane on Long Trips

Summer is in the air, which means a season full of fun and vacations. If you’re planning a road trip this season, now’s the perfect time to start finding ways to stay entertained out on the road!

Thinking of road trip games might remind you of being a kid, but our DC area Acura dealership knows that games are just as important for adults. After all, who wants to spend hours on the road staring at their phone when they could spend time interacting with friends? Check out a few of our favorites to get you started!

Don’t Say _____

When you start your trip, put an empty cup or jar into one of the cup holders and agree on a common word with your fellow travelers; that word or phrase is now off limits. Every time someone uses it, they have to drop a dollar into the cup for the gas fund. If your friends tend to not carry cash, then simply have the offender write their name on a slip of paper. Whoever’s name is the most frequent has to buy lunch!

Road trip games for adults

For an extra challenge, switch up the buzzword each time you make a stop during the day’s travels so that no one has too much time to get into a rhythm. You can also make more specific rules, such as “no using first names” or “no saying left or right” to make things a bit tougher.

The License Plate Game

A childhood classic, this is a game that will encourage everyone to keep their eyes off of their phones to keep a look out for out-of-state license plates. Designate a scorekeeper, and be sure to make an announcement when you cross state lines.

You can also choose specific point values for other types of license plates, including vanity plates, dealership plates, or specialty plates for different teams, schools, or causes.

Once Upon a Time…

This one takes a bit of imagination, but tends to really take off once you get started. Choose another car nearby, and let your passengers take a look at who’s inside. Everyone on the road is heading somewhere, but where? Start spinning a story about the car’s occupants and where they’re going.

New Acura vehicles near DC

Maybe the family in the 2017 Acura just left the dealership, or maybe that guy in the unsuspecting pickup truck is rushing to the mall to buy himself a new tuxedo for his side job as a secret agent. Your ideas will get more wild as your work off of each other, and before you know it you’ll have created a tangled tale—and passed a few miles of your trip!

To learn more about how you can prepare for your upcoming road trip, or to find the perfect new vehicle for the open road, be sure to contact our Acura dealer serving DC online or to call the Pohanka Acura team at (703) 968-6600 today.

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