Exceptional Value Makes Honda a Strong Choice for DC Area Drivers

While going with the crowd isn’t always the right choice, there are certainly situations where you’ll find great benefits to taking a closer look at what’s popular and why so many people are drawn to it. This is certainly the case with automobiles; the simple truth is that an automaker doesn’t get popular by producing shoddy vehicles!

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A reputation for reliability is practically a trademark for Honda, as many shoppers at our DC area Honda dealership already know. They’re not the only ones who’ve taken notice, though, as made clear by the 2016 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands list!

Climbing Ranking Testifies to Honda’s Exceptional Models

Conducted by Millward Brown, this study definitively ranks the brand values of global companies. It should come as no surprise that a number of automakers have managed to make an appearance among the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Fortunately, has taken a look to see which brands rank among the top 10 most valuable automakers!

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Ranking 74th overall in the list, Honda’s value is high enough to place it among the top five most valuable automakers for 2016! Of course, anyone who’s seen the 2016 Honda lineup at our DC area showroom probably isn’t surprised to hear that.

While Honda is no stranger to this prestigious list, this year is exciting in that it sees the brand climb up four spots in the overall rankings. This outstanding value is a testament to the automaker’s quality vehicles, which continue to be exceedingly popular with a wide array of drivers who prize quality craftsmanship and dependable engineering.

Of course, the best way to see what makes Honda such an outstanding brand is to drop in and take a test drive to experience the difference firsthand! To learn more about our current inventory, don’t hesitate to contact Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg online or to call our team at (540) 735-9100 today.

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Honda Tire Center Serving DC Offers The Perfect Fit

When it comes to staying in control behind the wheel, the tires on your vehicle are positively crucial. After all, optimizing the traction you receive from your tires is the key to accelerating, steering, and braking properly.

At our DC area Honda dealership, we’ve seen plenty of drivers who either neglect their tires or just don’t seem to notice when they need attention. This can be a dangerous and costly mistake for motorists to make!

Car Repair Center Offers Expert Tire Services

We recommend checking your tires at least once a month, as this will help you to notice any budding problems with your tires. Checking the tire pressure and adjusting it accordingly is important. You can expect your tire pressure to shift a pound or two during the course of a month – particularly if the weather is changing – but more than that could be a sign of a leak that needs attention.

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At our Honda tire center serving DC, our experts can plug or patch most leaks. Ensuring that your tires are holding air, though, isn’t the only component of tire care.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your tire tread so that you can identify other problems before they become serious. Uneven tread wear, for instance, can be an indication of poor alignment or improper inflation levels. When your tread gets too low, of course, it’s time for new tires!

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The experts at Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg can help you choose the perfect set of tires when the time comes. We’ll factor in your vehicle, road conditions, and driving habits to help steer you toward the tires that will provide you with the longest lifetime and optimum performance.

If you think it’s time for new tires, or if you’re just not sure, then come in and see us. We offer extended service hours seven days a week; no need for an appointment, just bring it in! To learn more, or if you prefer to schedule an appointment, contact us online or give us a call at (540) 735-9100 today.

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DC area Honda Dealer Staff Offers Tips for Easy Holiday Travel

Whoever you spend the holidays with and wherever you’re headed to celebrate, the holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, many modern motorists have a bit of trouble enjoying the season due to the travel problems that are caused by the widespread hustle and bustle.

At our DC area Honda dealership, our team is all too familiar with the nightmares that can come along with holiday travel. Fortunately, we have some critical tips to help you find some metaphorical short cuts on the way to your holiday destinations.

Leave Early

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but getting a head start can go a long way toward making your travels easier. Avoiding the big travel days is your best bet, but we know that schedules don’t always allow that much flexibility.

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When you’re stuck traveling on a busy day, be sure to hit the road as early as possible to get ahead of the crowd. This is also crucial in case you need to adapt to any unexpected issues, like traffic or obstructions along the way.

Enjoy Innovation

Speaking of unexpected trouble on the road, adding some modern technology to your holiday traditions is always a good idea. With the features you’ll find available in the 2016 Honda models at our DC area showroom, like satellite-linked navigation with voice-recognition and HD digital traffic, you’ll always be one step ahead of the pack as you pick your way over the river and through the woods.

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Plan Ahead

Of course, not everything needs to wait until you depart. Packing as much as you can ahead of time is a great way to avoid last minute hiccups. Go ahead and pack up the trunk early, while you’re at it. As for the items you can’t pack until right before you leave, like your toothbrush or phone charger, we suggest making a list ahead of time to ensure nothing gets left behind!

Whenever you’re headed and however you’re getting there, our team hopes you enjoy this holiday season to the fullest. For more information on seasonal travel tips, be sure to contact us online or to call the Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg team at (540) 735-9100 today!

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