Fairfax Area Honda Shoppers Benefit From Open Dialogue

At Honda of Chantilly, selling vehicles is more than just a job; it’s something that we love to do! Helping our customers find the perfect new vehicle and get behind the wheel at our Fairfax area Honda dealership is almost as exciting for us as it is for our customers!

We take great pride in answering your questions and helping you to narrow down your options to the model that’s just right for you. Throughout the process, there’s a lot that you can do to help us help you! When something is on your mind during the car shopping process, be sure to let us know.

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Talk Timeframes

If you have a particular schedule or timeframe in mind with your vehicle search, be sure to tell our team. We always work to accommodate your needs and provide the best experience possible, and part of that is flexing to suit your schedule. If your goal is to be in a new vehicle by a particular date, let us know so that we can help make it happen.

Be Open About Finances

Whether your financial state is not-so-good or absolutely wonderful, let our team know; either way, it’s nothing that we haven’t heard before. The staff at our Honda financing center serving Fairfax is here to help you plan your purchase, and knowing your financial situation early on can often help us to find special offers, incentives, or interest rates that work for your unique circumstances.

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Accelerate an Appraisal

Many shoppers plan to trade in their old vehicle, but fail to mention that until later in the shopping process. Appraising a vehicle can take time, so it’s best to get the ball rolling early. Having the quote from your appraisal in mind early on can also help you to plan your purchase more accurately, and might even open up new options that you didn’t expect!

Whether you’re just beginning to think about getting a new car or you’ve already chosen the perfect model, talking with our team is the next step toward a brand new vehicle you’ll love! For more information, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact Honda of Chantilly online or to call our team at (703) 633-2400 today.

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Fairfax Area Honda Dealership Offers Tips For Used Car Shoppers

Certified used Honda models for sale near Fairfax

In many situations, choosing to shop for a pre-owned vehicle is the perfect choice. A lot of drivers find used car shopping to be a bit intimidating, though.

Don’t worry; with these tips from our Fairfax area Honda dealership, you don’t need to be an automotive expert to find the perfect car for you!

Make A List

Our team suggests breaking out a pen and pad to start making your first list before you even head to the dealership or start shopping around. Start simple by making a list of the things you need in a vehicle, and the things you want. Think about things like passenger space, utility, and efficiency that play a big role in your day-to-day driving habits.

Car shopping checklist

Make Another List

Once you take your list and head to the dealership, our team will start walking you through different vehicles that meet your needs. As you check out different models, make a second list. This one should be a simple pro and con list, keeping track of the features and qualities in each model that you do or don’t like.

Be Realistic About Your Budget

While you’re shopping, keep your budget in mind. Don’t forget to factor in things like registration, insurance, and upkeep down the road. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, then checking out the used car specials at our Fairfax area dealer is a great idea!

Plan Ahead

Tying into our last tip, don’t forget that every vehicle needs maintenance and repairs at some point. When you start to narrow down your choices, you can talk with our certified service technicians to get an idea of pricing for many different services for a particular vehicle.

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Take A Test Drive

More important than any other tip we can offer, taking a test drive should be the most telling part of your shopping experience. Driving a car can tell you a lot, from how comfortable your commute will be to how safe you feel behind the wheel. Pay attention during your test drive, and never hesitate to ask questions!

With the right attitude and a bit of prep, shopping for a used car is an exciting experience. To learn more, or to schedule a used car test drive, be sure to contact Honda of Chantilly online or to call us at (703) 633-2400 today!

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Drivers at Fairfax area Honda Dealer Gear Up for the Season

If you’re like the team here at Honda of Chantilly, spring weather has you excited to roll down the windows, head out onto the road, and finally enjoy your time behind the wheel! After all, you bought your Honda because you love it and you deserve to have some fun.

Fairfax area car detailing specialsBefore you get ahead of yourself, though, be sure to prepare with some quick and easy tips from our Fairfax area Honda dealership.

Dust Off the Cobwebs

Though you may not have to literally dust your car off, chances are that the long, harsh winter has left your beloved Honda looking less than 100%. Washing away the salt and grime of winter will not only leave your car or truck feeling fresh and looking great, but will also protect your paint job and interior materials.

If you’re not in the mood to break out the hose and bucket, drop by and take advantage of our detailing specials. Detailing your car helps to preserve its value, and our detailing specials help to preserve the money in your wallet! If you’re due for service, you can even enjoy a complimentary wash when you visit our shop.

Get Things Moving Smoothly

Honda service specials near FairfaxIt’s also a great idea to tackle any basic maintenance that you’ve been putting off now that winter is over. Start with an oil and filter change at our Fairfax area Honda service center to cover the basics, and replace your air filter while you’re at it to stave off the dust and pollen that will be in the air before you know it.

It’s also a good idea to check all of your fluid levels. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and especially coolant will all have to work a bit harder when the temperature begins to rise. You’ll be much better off checking things now than waiting until it’s too late!

For drivers who aren’t the DIY-type, our certified technicians are more than happy to make sure that everything is in order. In addition to running special coupons, we also offer extended hours seven days a week; no need for an appointment, just bring it in! To learn more about the services we provide, or if you prefer to make an appointment, just contact Honda of Chantilly online or call our experts at (703) 633-2400 today!

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