Fredericksburg Car Dealer Offers Honda Civic in a Rainbow of Popular Colors

Fredericksburg car dealersBeauty may only be skin deep, but choosing a car that looks good can completely change your outlook when you climb behind the wheel. As objective as style is, it can still be worthwhile to step back and take note of the trends.

Here at Pohanka’s Fredericksburg car dealer, we’re thrilled to offer our customers some of our most popular models in many of the industry’s most alluring colors. PPG Industries, the automotive industry’s leading supplier of paints, recently announced a shift in the most desirable hues on the road.

Silver, which has held the top spot among car colors for over 10 years, recently slipped down to tie black for second place. Instead, white took the top spot with 25% of the company’s supplied vehicles in 2013.

2013 Sees the Honda Civic Available in Industry-Leading Hues

Fredericksburg car dealersConsidering white’s staggering popularity, drivers will be thrilled to find the 2013 Honda Civic at our Fredericksburg dealership looking pristine in White Orchid Pearl. Of course, drivers will also find the 2013 Civic in a wide spectrum of other finishes, as well.

Those who still prefer silver will swoon over the 2013 Civic wrapped in Alabaster Silver Metallic. With black tying silver, though, Crystal Black Pearl is sure to be a captivating option as well.

PPG Industries also points out that darker greys and browns are close behind, which accounts for the popularity of the 2013 Civic in such shades as Kona Coffee Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, and Urban Titanium Metallic.

Of course, Honda caters to those looking to break the mold, as well. Bold choices including Dyno Blue Pearl and Crimson Pearl are sure to draw plenty of envious glances from passersby.

No matter what color you choose, though, you’ll enjoy the unmistakable style that the 2013 Honda Civic delivers. For more information on this outstanding sedan, be sure to call Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg directly at (540) 735-9100 or to visit us online today!

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