Fredericksburg Hyundai Dealer Offers Vehicles of a Higher Caliber

Fredericksburg Hyundai dealer hoursAt Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg, we aim to satisfy every customer who walks through our doors. While this certainly includes providing friendly and courteous service, our quest for customer satisfaction extends beyond the members of our staff.

Another factor that’s central to our dedication to customer satisfaction at our Fredericksburg Hyundai dealership is our selection of vehicles. In addition to offering a wide selection of models to choose from, we’re proud of every car that we sell.

From the exciting Elantra and the stylish Sonata to the sporty Santa Fe and the versatile Veloster, you’ll find one thing that stands out across Hyundai’s entire lineup: quality. Every Hyundai model is engineered to be as dependable as it is attractive, with performance at the forefront of every design.

Outstanding Engineering Defines the Hyundai Lineup

Fredericksburg Hyundai dealership contact infoTo ensure that the automaker’s vehicles can withstand the trials they’ll experience on the road, Hyundai puts them through even tougher crucibles with a wide range of testing at their California Proving Grounds. Only once a part or design element has been excruciatingly tested does it make its way onto the roads, assuring that Hyundai’s vehicles are as reliable as they can be.

In fact, Hyundai’s entire lineup comes with Hyundai Assurance, including America’s best warranty. With a five year/60,000 mile new vehicle limited warranty, seven year anti-perforation warranty, and 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty, you can climb behind the wheel of the Hyundai models you love with complete confidence.

This unsurpassed warranty not only brings peace of mind on the road, but embodies Hyundai’s dedication to providing drivers with some of the most outstanding vehicles around. At Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg, we’re thrilled to offer our customers these incredibly dependable models.

For more information on Hyundai Assurance and the 2014 Hyundai lineup, be sure to visit our Fredericksburg Hyundai dealer or to call us directly at (301) 760-4409 today!

Fredericksburg Hyundai inventory

Fredericksburg Hyundai Dealership Presents Affordable Pre-Owned Options

Fredericksburg Hyundai dealershipChances are that if you’ve been scouting around for a pre-owned vehicle, price is a contributing factor to your decision. Fortunately though, at the right dealership affordability doesn’t have to come at the price of quality.

At our Fredericksburg Hyundai dealership, we’re happy to help our customers find the vehicles that are right for them. When you’re shopping for a used car, this means finding a model that fits the qualities you’re after while also fitting within your budget.

We offer all kinds of dependable pre-owned cars at Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg, including different makes, models, styles, and price ranges. We even offer a wide selection of vehicles that are priced to move at under $10,000, which means you can find a great car at our dealership no matter what your budget is.

Drivers Find the Perfect Used Car at Pohanka Hyundai

Fredericksburg used Hyundai dealerYou can depend on Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg to offer nothing but the best when it comes to pre-owned vehicles. Whether it’s a certified pre-owned vehicle or one of our most affordable used cars, our priority remains offering our drivers options that they can trust.

Before a vehicle is made available on our lots, it’s thoroughly inspected by the expert technicians in our state-of-the-art service center. We strive to identify and resolve any issues that a car may have before putting it up for sale. That’s the Pohanka Difference, and that’s why you can drive away from our dealership feeling confident in your choice no matter what your budget is.

We invite you to come in and see firsthand all of the affordable used cars at our Fredericksburg Hyundai dealership. For more information, be sure to come see our sprawling inventory for yourself or give us a call directly at (800) 764-2652 and we’ll be happy to help you find what you’re after.

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Local Dealership Offers Prime Maintenance for Fredericksburg Hyundai Drivers

Taking care of regular maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your car, no matter what you drive. Choosing the right service center is the first step to keeping your vehicle running better longer.

At Pohanka’s Fredericksburg Hyundai dealership, drivers will find a state-of-the-art service center, staffed with expertly trained technicians capable of addressing a wide variety of needs and services. As a result, drivers can count on receiving the best possible service for their vehicle at Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg.

Studies have shown that three out of every four cars on the road today are in need of maintenance. While this statistic is certainly overwhelming, you have the option of being that fourth car by keeping up with your scheduled maintenance. Doing so also makes your vehicles less susceptible to the need for more serious repairs down the road, helping you to save in the long run.

The most common areas where drivers may unknowingly be in need of service are their brakes, engine cooling system, and oil. All three of these can be relatively simple, affordable fixes, when addressed in a timely manner.

Drivers Go Further By Keeping Up with Basic Maintenance

Fredericksburg HyundaiComing to Pohanka’s Fredericksburg Hyundai dealership for maintenance can not only help drivers to avoid more costly repairs down the road, but can also serve to help them go further on the road. Think of your car like a person: the harder it works, the bigger you can expect its appetite to be. By performing maintenance to keep your car from working harder than it has to, you can save on the gas it consumes.

Many simple procedures can do wonders to improve fuel economy. Replacing dirty and worn out air filters and spark plugs, for instance, can both aid in the quest to go further for less. Regular oil changes and tune ups can also help, while also preventing unnecessary wear and tear. When all of these come together, drivers can expect to see a noticeable improvement in their vehicle’s efficiency.

Drivers looking to improve their fuel economy and get the most out of their vehicle can start by bringing their car to one of the expert technicians at Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg’s service center. For more information on available services, be sure to call the dealership directly at (800) 764-2652 or to visit online at today!

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