Simple Tips Help Drivers Keep Their Cool in the Parking Lot

Crowded parking lotWhen you’re cruising to your destination, it’s easy to settle in and enjoy the ride. There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite tunes, setting the driver’s seat just right, setting the cruise control, and taking in the sights along the way.

Once you arrive, though, it doesn’t take much to ruin the mood. Parking, for many drivers, is the worst part of the trip! Take a few tips from Honda of Chantilly, though, and you’ll have no problem sliding into a spot and bringing your ride to a satisfying conclusion.

Leave Early

This step is one of the most crucial, but also one of the most commonly overlooked. Five minutes isn’t a very long time, but it can be an eternity when you arrive right on time and have to waste five minutes looking around for a parking spot.
If you leave just 10 minutes early, though, then you can relax while you spend that five minutes circling the lot and still have a few minutes left to spare! Leaving early also ensures a more leisurely trip on the whole, as you’ll be prepared for other unexpected stops of delays.

Don’t Hold Out for Rock Star Parking

Finding a perfect parking spotWhen you pull into the lot and find the magic parking spot next to the door is open and waiting for you, we like to call that rock star parking. It’s always nice when the stars align and you find this fabled spot, but refusing to settle for less is sure to throw a wrench in your day.

Instead, enter the parking lot with realistic expectations. If you know you’ll probably have a bit of walk to get where you’re going, then you won’t be upset when that turns out to be the truth. Plus, a bit of exercise can’t hurt!

Get Your Parking Skills Up to Snuff

Of course, being prepared to sneak into a tricky spot can open up some great options that other drivers may pass up. While you won’t be squeezing your full-size pickup into a compact spot any time soon, but staying on top of your parallel and reverse parking abilities can keep you from shying away from a tough spot.

Of course, having the latest parking assistance technology from Honda never hurts. For more information on a car that’s sure to take some of the stress out of parking, be sure to contact Honda of Chantilly online or to give us a call at (703) 633-2400 today!

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