Honda Dealer Loudoun Helps Drivers Get an Eco-Friendly Shine on Their Cars

Spring is in the air, but unfortunately that also means plenty of dust and pollen in the air. While spring may give you a few reasons to head out and wash your car, you certainly don’t need to take it out on Mother Nature!

Eco friendly Honda dealer near Loudoun

At our Honda dealership serving Loudoun, our 125-foot wind turbine makes our stance on eco-friendly practices pretty clear to see. Our commitment to the environment doesn’t end there, though. Whether you wash your car at home or come see us for a thorough cleaning, we’re here to help you get things looking fresh without taking a toll on the environment.

Getting Clean and Going Green

When you visit our Loudoun area Honda detailing center, you can rest easy knowing that we’re working hard to reduce the impact of a good, thorough car wash. Our facility reclaims 60-80% of gray water, helping to reduce wastewater.

Loudoun area Honda detailing

That isn’t the only place we’re saving water, either, as our facility also features ultra-low flow motion sensing plumbing fixtures. Additionally, our janitorial services all make use of green cleaning products rather than harsh chemicals.

To avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your car at home, household materials like baking soda or white vinegar mixed with water make great natural alternatives. We also recommend using one bucket to wash your car and filling another bucket to rinse it, as this uses significantly less water than spraying everything with a hose.

If you prefer to have things handled at our eco-friendly facility, we also offer a complimentary trip through our car wash with every service appointment to effectively cut a trip out of the process! To learn more about our range of interior and exterior detailing services, as well as our dealership’s other green features, be sure to contact us online or to call the Honda of Chantilly team at (703) 633-2400 today.

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Honda Dealer Serving Loudoun Delivers on 2015 Models

Whether it’s your closet, your basement, or your garage, chances are that you’ve run out of space at one point or another. It happens to the best of us! The truth is, though, that you’ve got to make room in order to find space for your new arrivals.

The same is true at our Loudoun area Honda dealership! We’ve got 2016 models making their way to our lot and showroom all the time, and the result is that even our huge showroom needs clearing out to make more space. Of course, we won’t be handing down our current models to a lucky younger cousin; instead, we’ll be selling them to our lucky shoppers!

We probably don’t have to tell you that the turning of the model year is a great time to save on brand new 2015 vehicles. What you might not know, though, is that some of the models still in our showroom are among the experts’ top picks!

2015 Models Offer Plenty Of Allure

As points out, the fall is perfect time to find incentives on remaining models from the previous model year – especially models that have upcoming redesigns. This is a perfect way for shoppers to save on new Honda models at our Loudoun area dealership!

In a recent list, the folks at compiled their 10 picks for the Best New-Car Leftovers for 2015. Of the 10 vehicles, two are waiting for you right here on our lot!

New Honda Accord for sale near Loudoun

The first is the 2015 Honda Accord sedan. A long-time leader in the midsize sedan segment, this model continues to deliver on style. In addition to awarding the model an “A” rating, points out that the 2015 Accord sedan is “beautifully refined, with a smooth four- or six-cylinder engine.” The editors also note the 2015 Accord’s high resale value.

Of course, the Accord isn’t alone; the 2015 Civic makes the cut, too. Also sporting an “A” rating from, the 2015 Civic is noted as a “great car for students and those on a budget.”

Loudoun area Honda Civic dealers

The folks at are also quick to note Honda’s frequent offers of lease specials and low-interest financing. The experts in our finance department are always happy to help you take advantage of the latest specials!

For more information on either of these outstanding 2015 models, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact our team online or to call Honda of Chantilly at (703) 633-2400 today!

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Honda Dealer serving Loudoun Helps Young Drivers Head Back to School in Style

September is under way, and you know what that means: it’s back to school season! Whether you’re a new driver finishing up high school or you’re headed back to college, there’s no denying that students lead hectic lives. What better way to tackle your busy schedule than with a car that’s as smart as you are?

At our Loudoun area Honda dealership, we were eager to study up on a recent post from The site compiled its list of the 10 Best Back-To-School Cars Under $20,000, and we were excited – though not surprised – to see that the 2015 Honda Fit made the grade!

Honda dealership serving Loudoun location

The writers for the site were impressed by the Fit’s price, fuel economy, and even its cool factor. As they put it, “it is sporty and refined for its price, with a flexible interior.”

Honda Fit Aces the Course

A clever compact with plenty of style and versatility, this new Honda at our Loudoun area dealership is certainly a standout option for students. Whether you’re commuting to class or planning ahead for a spring break road trip, you’re sure to love the Fit’s impressive fuel efficiency.

Loudoun area new Honda model dealers

On top of that, this youthful hatchback offers plenty of cargo space to handle extracurricular activities with ease. The passenger seat and second row Magic Seat fold flat quickly, with a 60/40 split in the rear allowing for plenty of combinations. The Magic Seat also folds up to allow for an increase in vertical space when you need it.

No matter what your major is, it doesn’t take a valedictorian to see that the Honda Fit is a smart choice for busy students with active lifestyles. To learn more, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact Honda of Chantilly online or to call our team at (703) 633-2400 today!

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