Virginia Honda Dealership Helps Drivers Get Set for Road Trips

Summer is in full swing, and Americans across the country are soaking up the sun and taking to the open road! Road trips are practically an American pastime, and there’s nothing quite like heading out onto the highway with your family or friends loaded into the car with you.

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So, where do you start once you’ve picked your destination? The Honda of Chantilly team has some great items to put on your road trip checklist!

Get a Check Up

More important than anything you pack is your car itself! Nothing throws a wrench in the works faster than car trouble in unfamiliar territory, which is why we suggest a visit to our Virginia Honda service center before embarking on any particularly long trips!

Additionally, loading a few essentials into the trunk is never a bad idea. You don’t need to be a mechanic to add oil or coolant when they’re needed, and having them on hand can make a big difference if you run into unexpected trouble.

Be Prepared

In addition to loading up on essentials for your vehicle, having the essentials for you and your crew is invaluable. Whether it’s a long stretch between rest stops, foul weather, or a roadside emergency, you’ll be glad to have some healthy snacks and water if you need them. Vehicles like the 2016 Honda CR-V at our Virginia dealership have plenty of cargo space, so there’s no reason not to have an emergency kit!

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Stay Comfortable

In addition to all of the things you need for a trip, don’t forget to grab some creature comforts to make things easier on long drives! We suggest packing a small backpack with items you might need to have handy, making them easy to find at a rest stop or on the fly.

Good ideas for this easy access pack include your phone charger, a tooth brush, and the ultimate road trip companion: a package of baby wipes! From sticky spills in the car to freshening up along the way, wet wipes will prove to be your best friend on any trip.

Wherever you’re headed, bringing the right crew along is sure to guarantee a great time! If you’re after the perfect car for your trip, or if you want to schedule a service visit before you depart, don’t hesitate to contact us online or to call Honda of Chantilly at (703) 633-2400 today.

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