DC Lexus Drivers Bring Their Cars To Pohanka Dealerships For Service This Week

Schedule your next auto repair and bring in your car on Independence Day! Pohanka dealerships, including Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly are all open and available to DC Lexus drivers this Fourth of July. Need immediate vehicle maintenance, but don’t have the time to visit your local service center during the typical work week? Don’t worry! Visit your local Pohanka dealership today!

Don’t start your next summer vacation without having your car serviced! Pohanka dealerships are proud to offer incredible vehicle maintenance and auto repairs, even on national holidays! Visit your local Pohanka dealership this Fourth of July and make sure your car is in top condition for the rest of the hot summer months. With no appointment necessary, simply visit your local Pohanka dealership this Fourth of July and make sure your car is in top condition for the rest of the hot summer months.

Pohanka dealerships serving, not only DC Lexus drivers, but owners of all car brands, are proud to remain open on Independence Day, and all other holidays, to benefit those who don’t have time to schedule their service appointments during the typical work week. This Fourth of July, the service center at Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly will be open from 5:30am to 11:00pm.

DC Lexus drivers shouldn’t wait! With these professional service centers open and available to you on Independence Day, there’s no excuse to delay your next automotive repair any longer!

DC Lexus Enthusiasts Celebrate Their Independence at Pohanka Dealerships

DC Lexus drivers choose Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly for their quality cars, and can even bring their vehicle in for service on national holidays. Your local Pohanka dealership is proud to remain open this Independence Day for drivers without the time to schedule vehicle maintenance during their typical work week.

Summer can prove to be a busy few months for drivers, and Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly is aware that in between your beach trips and summer excursions, you may be hard-pressed finding time to have their car serviced. That’s why this service center is happy to remain open for drivers 365 days a year, and even on days when most businesses are closed. Additionally, this service center has more than 200 loaner vehicles available so you’re not confined to the waiting room while your car is serviced.

Visit your Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly this Fourth of July to have your RX 350, or other impressive Lexus vehicle serviced, and start the rest of your summer with your freshly-tuned car! Check out the service specials before you go at one of these dealerships’ innovative website,

Check out the new models available to DC Lexus shoppers at this dealership today!

Chantilly Lexus Dealer Reviews In – Best Lexus Dealer in Virginia?

The Lexus brand is amazing. Those who own a Lexus car in Virginia have the luxury of driving in style and comfort. So where do you go when you want the highest quality service, parts, accessories, certified used Lexus’ or a brand new Lexus? If you live in Virginia, Washington D.C or Maryland, the answer is simple – Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA.

At Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly, we know how to give our customers the highest quality service at unbeatable prices. Our goal is not just to sell Lexus vehicles, but to give you a Lexus experience that will keep you coming back. Our Chantilly Lexus dealership is open 365 days a year, which means every day of the year you can get a new or used Lexus in Chantilly, service your Lexus and get Lexus parts and accessories. Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly’s commitment to quality has gotten us some rave review from customers
and a ton of referrals. Read about what some of our customers are saying!

Chantilly Lexus Dealership Reviews

10:15 at night…do you know where…‎‎  My lifestyledoesn’t allow me to spend an hour at a dealership during the day, so when I finished my day on May 5th, I headed over to Pohanka Lexus Service at 10:15 and got in right away. They advised me that I neded my 90000 check up and even offered me a loaner, however, again, with my crazy schedule, I just asked for the oil change service with a promise to return. They were pleasant, quick, professional, and ever so accommodating to meet my schedule. I have been a loyal Pohanka Lexus Customer and will definitely continue to be one.‎ – Anne

Paul is an excellent salesman; he is open and honest and communicates clearly during the buying process. His straightforward approach to price negations was very refreshing. All verbal agreements were completely fulfilled and he clearly explained how all features on this fairly complicated car work. – csi_services

If you are the type of person who value time and effectiveness as one of the most important aspects in essence of almost everything, I would highly recommend you to work with Sales & Leasing Consultant Mr. Dennis Mello at Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly. You will not regret it!
In my experience Mr. Dennis Mello treats customers whith respect and dignity focus on customer service, fair price and excellent value. He brings his knowledge of the great Lexus technology to the customer in manner that is extreemly helpful and sound. Dennis Mello knows his product through and through. From start to finish Mr. Mello went above and beyond what was required to ensure customer satisfaction. He did meet and exceed my expectations. I have appreciation for the exceptional professionalism and courtesy.
Mr.Dennis Mello is true asset to the Pohanka Lexus Dealership! – Lady Sylvia

Chantilly Lexus Dealership

These reviews are just the tip of the iceberg in all of the rave reviews our Chantilly Lexus dealership has received. To gain the experience of Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly, simply stop by! Our Lexus dealership is located at 13909 Lee Jackson Hwy. Chantilly, VA. If you have any questions for our sales team, service or parts staff, please call:

Sales: (800) 399-0681
Service: (800) 459-6319
Parts: (800) 399-0681
Browse through our Chantilly Lexus dealership before you even come in by visiting When you want the best that everything Lexus has to offer Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA is the Lexus dealership for you!

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