Don’t Forget To Service Your Car at a Virginia Lexus Service Center

When looking for the best Virginia Lexus servicePohanka Lexus of Chantilly is your source. Pohanka Lexus believes in educating Virginia drivers on how to best maintain your car, and oil changes are one of the most common questions consumers have today.

The Chantilly Lexus Service team knows Virgina drivers have always heard to change your oil every three months or every 3,000 miles, but how many of them know why? After all, changing your oil is not an exact science.

For the best Lexus car repair in Chantilly you should know that the best way to maintain your vehicle properly is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many manufacturer’s recommend changing your oil once a year or every 7,500 miles for a gasoline engine and every 3,000 miles or six months for a diesel or turbocharged gasoline engine.

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Although these are most manufacturer’s guidelines, you have to make sure to read the fine print. This recommendation is usually based on driving in “ideal”circumstances whereas the majority of us usually drive under “severe service” circumstances. “Severe service” circumstances include frequent short trips under 10 miles especially during cold weather, stop and go city traffic, dusty conditions including gravel and dirt roads, and sustained highway speeds during hot weather. Obviously, it would be difficult to find a driver who is not driving under any of these circumstances at least once a day!

So, for everyone out there who travels in “severe service” circumstances, Chantilly Lexus Service Center recommends you change your oil every 3,000 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first, in order to keep your engine running properly.

If you have put a lot of miles on your car, make sure you take your car for frequent oil changes because as the engine racks up the miles, the blowby increases. The oil in your engine will begin to break down when the unburned fuel starts diluting the oil. If you don’t change the oil often enough, your engine will have even more wear and tear along with all the problems that come with it! These problems include loss of performance and fuel economy with increased emissions and oil consumption, four issues that no car owner wants to deal with.

When you do service your car with an oil change make sure the filter is always changed with the oil so that you don’t contaminate any of the new oil with the gunk in the older filter. Never overfill your oil because it can cause serious engine problems. And finally always use a product with the API Certification Seal that meets the American Petroleum Institute’s latest requirements and is energy conserving.

Because Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly offers the best Lexus service in Virginia, there team follows all of these regulations when taking care of your car because we care just as much as you do. Visit them today for more information or contact them at (888) 233-1174 to make a service appointment.

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