Keep Up To Date on Honda Recalls with Leading Maryland Auto Repair Center

Staying informed on recalls can actually be a matter of life and death. Honda and your leading Maryland auto repair center will make the efforts necessary to keep you safe, but you have to make the effort to come in.

Pohanka Honda of Salisbury caters to many different repairs at its Maryland auto repair center. Factory trained technicians know your Honda model inside and out, so you can be assured your vehicle is running properly with the correct parts.

Time to Maintain Your Vehicle

Maryland Auto RepairOne of the most obvious ways to know when to get your vehicle repaired it a factory recall. For instance, in early 2013 many Honda models were recalled for their airbags. This is a serious recall that can only be done by a trained technician. If you bought your vehicle directly from Pohanka Honda of Salisbury, then you will get a notification for these type of services.

Besides recalls, the check engine light is an obvious indicator. If you are low on oil, the light will signal and you should bring your car into the Maryland auto repair center right away to avoid any damage to the engine. This may be due to a bad leak.

Some parts have less obvious indicators like worn out wiper blades. Wiper blades can have a crack you might not notice because they are pushed against the glass. However, if the rubber rips and the metal digs into the glass, then you now have to replace the windshield. Simply lift your wiper inspect for cracks, and if you don’t know how to change them our technicians will install new ones and show you how.

To make avoiding costly repairs even more affordable, be sure to check for Maryland auto repair specials.

These are just some ways to avoid costly repairs on your Honda. To you’re your car well maintained call your leading Maryland auto repair center, Pohanka Honda of Maryland at (86) 546-7992 or visit

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