When it Comes to Sport Vehicles Scion offers Maryland Shoppers a Better Dealer than MINI

When it comes to affordable sports cars shoppers want the most bang for their buck. This is why Scion offers Maryland shoppers a better deal with its 2013 FR-S than MINI Cooper does with its 2013 Coupe S.

Both of these cars are both just under $25,000 and the FR-S is just a shy $200 less, but this is not the grand allure of their comparison. Maryland Scion FR-S drivers will own a true sports car as it features an advanced rear-wheel-drive system, while the MINI Cooper Coupe S is front-wheel-drive.

When it comes to power, the 2.0L 200-horsepower engine in the FR-S dominates the 1.6L 181-horsepower engine on the Coupe S. With superior power and features like traction control and vehicle stability control, this rear-wheel-drive Scion offers Maryland drivers enhanced handling and performance.

Don’t Sacrifice for Style’s Sake

Scion MarylandOne of the biggest differences between the 2013 FR-S and Coupe S is the actual size. Scion is able to deliver more power and still offer seating for four while MINI only offers seating for two. What is the fun of premium performance if you can’t share the experience?

The FR-S is over a foot longer than the Coupe S resulting in more legroom for the front and back seats. Its wider body and wheelbase allow for more shoulder and hip room. Maryland Scion FR-S drivers and their passengers will also enjoy better entertainment with an advanced 300-watt Pioneer sound system with eight speakers.

Enjoy your drive with the FR-S. This vehicle simply offers the best affordable sports car on the market. And don’t worry about pushing the limits a little and enjoying your drive because the powertrain warranty on the FR-S is 10,000 miles longer than the Coupe C.

For more information on the 2013 FR-S call Pohanka Scion of Salisbury, Maryland at (877) 619-5704 or visit

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