Maryland Toyota Drivers Stay Safe With These Driving Tips

Maryland Toyota drivers take pride in the reliability and safety of their Toyota vehicles. Toyota has put together a list of tips so you can stay safe on the road. These little changes can sometimes be the difference between getting into an accident or not!Toyota Dealership Maryland

Obey the Speed Limit: Did you know that in 2008, 31% of all fatal crashes involved speeding? Maintaining the proper speed will help you maintain better control of your vehicle and will help keep your car an appropriate distance from other vehicles.

Put Down the Cell Phone: Whether you’re just quickly checking a text or setting up phone call, diverting your eyes to your cell phone while driving has proven to be a big distraction. Using a phone while driving can delay your reaction time by twenty percent. These precious seconds can often mean the difference between safely avoiding an accident or ending up in one. Our trusted Toyota dealer in Maryland proudly offers Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel controls on many of our vehicles to help you focus on the road ahead while making a necessary phone call.

 Small Safety Steps That Make a Big Difference

Stay Awake: It may seem obvious, but twenty percent of all accidents involve drowsiness as a contributing factor. While caffeine can be a good tool for staying awake, sometimes it is better to pull over to the side of the road and take a quick nap. Often times you may think you can get through your lingering drowsiness, but you may be putting yourself and others in danger.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt: Did you know that more than fifty percent of people who die in car accidents weren’t wearing their seatbelts when the accident occurred? Simply clicking in the seatbelt will not only improve your safety, but also help avoid getting a ticket from the police.Maryland Toyota Dealership

Use Caution in Bad Weather: Our Toyota dealership in Maryland knows inclement weather is a part of life here. Rain comes and goes, and on rare occasions, we get snow. When driving in these less-than-perfect conditions, slow down and increase your following distance. If it’s too bad to continue, pull over and wait out the bad weather.

Want to learn more about these safety tips or the many ways our Maryland Toyota dealer keeps our drivers safe? Stop in to Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury today or call us at 410-546-1661.

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Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your MD Toyota Fuel Efficient

2014 Toyota modelsJust because your engine is fine tuned to produce incredible fuel efficiency, doesn’t mean your car doesn’t need help doing so. It doesn’t matter if you have one of our MD Toyota Hybrid models or a standard engine; we have some tips to help you save at the pump.

Avoid Excess Expenditures: Tips for Toyota Drivers

There are plenty of ways to save gas while driving, and we are going to start from the ground and work our way up. This means Maryland Toyota drivers, you better be inspecting your tires. Properly inflated tires can give you a 3% efficiency increase.

Our next stop is your trunk. Remove all those extra clothes, shoes, golf bags, skateboards, and more that you aren’t using at the moment. For every extra 100 lbs. you have in your car, you are decreasing your fuel efficiency by 2%.

Toyota featuresIs your car on while you are checking these things? Do not idle! It is an unnecessary waste of fuel! On the opposite end of the spectrum, don’t speed either. High speeds simply burn more fuel. Rather, we suggest you use cruise control because a constant speed will be the most efficient. Your engine doesn’t have to work hard to accelerate.

Aggressive driving is a major culprit of cutting your fuel efficiency. Just avoid having to brake hard because you are speeding. This tip can even save your life.

Our MD Toyota service center is also one of the best places to keep your engine finely tuned. A new oil change, fresh spark plugs, and more can easily increase your fuel efficiency and make your car drive smoother.

These tips may seem simple, and that is because they are! It doesn’t take much to save gas. Owning a Toyota is a step in the right direction, and to learn more reasons why, call us at (866) 547-3989.

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Maryland Toyota Drivers Learn How To Drive Safely Next to 18-Wheelers

This is sound advice for new and veteran drivers alike. We know some of you Maryland Toyota drivers like to accelerate excessively in order to get ahead of 18-wheelers, but you are putting them, and yourself, in danger. Learn how to properly navigate around them.

How To Avoid an Accident with a Trucker

Truck Driver SafetyWe know when you hit routes 95, 13, and 50 you are looking for a quicker way to cruise, but do not cut off a trucker. That small gap may seem like a clear opening for you, but if you get in front of the truck, then have to hit your brakes for any reason, you can easily get hit. Unlike your sporty Toyota Corolla, it takes about three times the distance for the truck to stop.

Another merging issue arises when the trucker wants to change lanes and our Maryland Toyota drivers speed up to get in front of them. Think about the chain reaction you cause for other motorists to get past him as well. It is a good idea to flash your lights to let them know it is safe to merge, and then you can always get in the passing lane later.

We know they are big and you can literally see them from a mile away, but that does not mean truckers can see you. You know how you have blind spots on your car; well they are MUCH BIGGER on an 18-wheeler. Do not drive alongside a truck because they most likely cannot see you. Pass or stay back, those are your two best options.

Also, we know many drivers like to serve their own forms of justice on the road like getting in front of other motorists that annoy them, then slowing down. Truck drivers are on a schedule, and you playing policeman is not helping them. This also puts you in danger of other drivers not seeing you directly in front of the truck when they want to merge.

Stay safe on the road and respect others in all circumstances. Even though your car has amazing safety systems, it is not a tank. For more information on how one of our cars can keep you safe, call our Maryland Toyota dealership today at (866) 547-3989.

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