Maryland Volkswagen Dealer Helps Drivers Start Spring on the Right Foot

Now that the snow has finally melted and warmer breezes are blowing through, it can only mean one thing: spring cleaning! While getting your basement or attic in order is certainly a good option, why not put in a little more effort where you spend your time, and really get your car looking great?

Volkswagen detailing in Maryland

It’s probably no surprise that we love our cars here at our Maryland Volkswagen dealership, and we especially love when they’re looking their best. Since first impressions are everything, we like to start with a good exterior cleaning.

When you wash your car, be sure to use soap and cloths that are specifically manufactured for cars; other products can be too harsh for your car’s finish, leaving swirls or scratches behind.

Make the Most of the Season with a Fresh Looking Ride

If you’re a bit too swamped to give your vehicle the attention it needs, then kill two birds with one stone by scheduling a service appointment at Pohanka Volkswagen; we wash your vehicle every time you come to see us for repairs or maintenance!

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Next up is the interior. Before anything else, address the clutter in your cabin! Sort through things, get rid of what you don’t need, and find organized places for the things you do need. Don’t forget about the trunk, too! To really get in deep, simply come see us for a detailing session! We offer a number of packages including interior and exterior detailing services to help ensure that your car looks its very best.

If your spring cleaning goes above and beyond and you find yourself with some space in the garage, our team is here to help you find the perfect vehicle to fill it! After all, the only thing that smells better than the spring breeze is a brand new car. After you’ve swept the floor and brought out the trash, call us at (301) 808-7100 to schedule a test drive at our Volkswagen dealer in Maryland!

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Volkswagen Dealer in Maryland Loves the Fun of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf

New VW Golf for sale in MarylandCustomers at our Maryland Volkswagen dealership are all about having fun. With the legendary precision of German engineering, there’s no denying that the vehicles in our showroom deliver when it comes to energetic performance and spirited handling.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate the tight handling of the Volkswagen lineup, either. Funny Or Die recently featured the 2015 Volkswagen Golf in a video entitled “The Way Too Helpful Neighbor,” starring veteran comedian Rob Huebel. When an unprepared boyfriend gets a call that his girlfriend’s parents will be visiting in a few hours, his neighbor (played by Huebel) arrives to save the day.

The pair of neighbors rush off to Target in the 2015 Gold to pick up supplies to spruce up the apartment. While the car’s owner wants to park far from the store to protect his beloved 2015 Golf, Huebel’s character has other ideas and pulls right into the store to pick up a long list of pillows, blankets, and boxed furniture.

2015 Golf Shows Off its Sporty Handling and Sprawling Cargo Area

Maryland 2015 Volkswagen Golf dealershipWhile you probably won’t be whipping through the aisles of your local department store anytime soon, the skit still does a great job of showing off the tight cornering and sporty handling that the 2015 Volkswagen Golf brings to Maryland drivers.

In addition to offering an incredibly spirited fun side, the 2015 Golf also brings plenty of practical space to the table. While we’re not sure if Huebel’s character is right about credenza being Italian for “husband material,” it’s definitely impressive to watch him slide two of them into the back of the 2015 Golf along with an ottoman, area rug, bar stool, and throw pillows.

Even if you’re not planning on any emergency redecorating, the 2015 Golf is the perfect model for handling all of life’s unexpected curveballs and having a ton of fun along the way. To learn more about this athletic hatchback, or to schedule a test drive with us, be sure to contact Pohanka Volkswagen online or to get in touch with our friendly team at (301) 808-1700 today!

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2014 Volkswagen CC Sport Brings Maryland Drivers Plenty of Style and Power to Love

2014 VW CC Sport in MarylandUnfortunately for many of today’s spirited drivers, some automakers don’t blink an eye when they offer you a bare bones design alongside the performance you crave. Skimping on style or features in the name of performance, though, certainly isn’t giving drivers what they want.

At our Maryland Volkswagen dealership, we’ve got the remedy to your problems: the 2014 Volkswagen CC Sport 2.0L. With the sort of power that brings you to life behind the wheel alongside a laundry list of advanced features and plenty of style, this is a sedan that fires on all cylinders.

The fun begins under the hood, where the 2014 CC Sport plays host to a 2.0L TSI engine. Responsive and efficient, this turbo engine turns out 200 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque while still achieving EPA estimates as high as 32 highway mpg.

Amenities Abound for VW Fans in the 2014 Volkswagen CC Sport

Maryland Volkswagen CC Sport dealerEven when you’re taking full advantage of those 200 horses out on the road, the 2014 Volkswagen CC Sport 2.0L is sure to catch the eye of other drivers, thanks to LED daytime running lights and taillights in the sleek front and rear fascias. The pretty lights don’t stop there, either; bi-xenon high-intensity headlamps with low-speed corner-illuminating are as functional as they are attractive.

Technology is impressively present inside, as well, with the Volkswagen Car-Net connected car system creating a seamless link between your car and your smartphone or computer. The 2014 CC Sport also features an RNS 315 touchscreen navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a rearview camera for the ultimate in control and driver awareness.

Drivers and passengers will have an easy time getting comfortable in any weather, too, thanks to Climatronic dual-zone automatic climate control. Take the heated front seats into account, and you might just wind up enjoying your ride more than your destination.

To learn more about the 2014 Volkswagen CC Sport 2.0L, including pricing and availability at Pohanka Volkswagen, be sure to contact our VW dealership in Maryland online or to call us directly at (301) 808-1700 today!

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