Maryland VW Dealer Offers Holiday Tips for Pet Lovers

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, chances are that you’ll be bustling about from now until New Year’s. All of the errands and traveling that come with the season will certainly keep you busy, but it’s important to remember that the holiday season is all about spending time with those that you care about.

That being said, the team at our Maryland VW dealership knows that your list of loved ones probably isn’t exclusively human. Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, we can all agree that our four-legged friends play an important role in our lives.

Driving with pets

Instead of leaving Fido at home or checking Spot into the kennel, why not bring them along this year? After all, it’s only fair that they get to enjoy the holiday season, too.

Bringing Your Favorite Co-Pilot Along for the Ride

You don’t have to tell the staff at our VW dealer in Maryland how much you love your vehicle. We’re well aware of how great riding in your Volkswagen is! Out of everyone in your house, though, chances are you might not be your car’s #1 fan; that designation often goes to the family pet.

Whether your cat curls up for the ride or your pup loves to let his ears flap in the breeze, our furry friends tend to enjoy time on the road. It’s important, though, to make sure your pet travels the right way. Just like you wouldn’t drive without your seatbelt buckled, your pet shouldn’t ride without a bit of planning.

Maryland VW dealership test drive

Many experts recommend transporting pets exclusively in carriers; others support the use of harnesses that attach to the seatbelts in the back seat. The choice often depends on the size and weight of your pet, so we personally recommend speaking with your vet to make the choice that’s right for you.

No matter how you travel, though, we always support bringing your little buddy along for the ride. For more information on how to prep for your holiday travel, be sure to contact Pohanka Volkswagen online or to call our team at (301) 808-7100 today!

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Maryland VW Drivers Get Creative For One-Of-A-Kind Rides

2016 Volkswagen Golf

If you’re driving a Volkswagen, then you’ve already taken the most important step toward making your time on the road more enjoyable: you’ve gotten into a vehicle that’s stylish, exciting, and comfortable! The next step, of course, is to take things to the next level by making some one-of-a-kind upgrades behind the wheel. The team at Pohanka Volkswagen has some suggestions!

Get Some Gadgets

With so much technology built into your Volkswagen, you practically have it all. Even so, there are some fun little aftermarket extras that can make the space more personalized.

Winter is almost here, so you might want to consider a plug-in heated steering wheel cover or even a travel electric blanket for your legs if you want to be 100% cozy this season.

If those aren’t quite your style, then think about some other gadgets that can make things more convenient for you. From scent diffusers to GPS parking place locators, there are myriad options out there to take advantage of your 12V power outlet!

Take Care of Business

We certainly don’t recommend any distractions while driving, but who’s to say you can’t get some work done while you’re in park? Phone and tablet mounts are available in a wide range of styles, making it easy to fly through your inbox or check out other resources.

Mobile connectivity VW

For a more hardcore approach, you can even find flexible extenders and surfaces for your center console. These are designed for a universal fit, and can work with everything from small tablets to full-sized laptops to help you crush your to-do list.

Get Organized

Whether you’re already a neat freak or you’re just now trying to break the habit of pouring your belongings into the back seat, extras can make it easy to keep everything in its place. This is ideal for busy drivers who are bouncing from place to place with gear and bags in tow!

Volkswagen cargo space

From compartmentalized storage options to clothes racks and hangers for your headrests, the market offers plenty of ways to sort through the mess. Say goodbye to losing track of your favorite sweatshirt in a pile of clutter for months on end!

Whatever route you take, the most important thing is to hone in on your own personal sense of style when choosing your extras. After all, your car is an extension of your personality and it should reflect that. For more information on how you can customize your ride, or to learn more about Volkswagen’s current lineup, be sure to contact Pohanka Volkswagen online or to call our team at (301) 808-7100 today!

Maryland VW Dealer Explores the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

If you were to take a survey regarding dangerous driving situations, most motorists would likely point out the dangers of driving while drunk or under the influence. Others might mention distracted driving, particularly the recklessness of using the phone or texting while on the road.

What many motorists might not think to mention, though, is the risk associated with driving while drowsy. At our Maryland VW dealer, though, we’ve got the facts about sleepy driving.

Dangers of tired driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), sleepiness behind the wheel is the primary cause of nearly 100,000 reported accidents annually. Their numbers show that those accidents result in upwards of 1,500 deaths and 71,000 injuries per year.

While many drivers fail to see the risk involved, the numbers clearly showcase the gravity of the situation. In many states, driving while sleep-deprived is legally defined as reckless driving behavior.

Awareness is Essential Behind the Wheel

In our showroom, you’ll find that many new VW models bring Maryland drivers advanced features geared toward improving alertness. With innovative available systems like Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking, the Side Assist Lane Change Assistant, and Lane Assist Lane Departure Warning, the Volkswagen lineup is doing more than ever to help keep drivers aware of their surroundings.

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Even so, motorists carry the paramount responsibility when it comes to their own safety and the safety of others on the road. Driving without enough sleep lowers reaction time, decreases alertness, impairs judgment, and can even make you more aggressive.

If you find yourself nodding off or stifling yawns on the road, the safest decision is to pull off the road, get some rest, and continue when you’re refreshed. It’s never worth the risk to carry on when conditions are unsafe. To learn more about safe driving habits, be sure to contact us online or to call the Pohanka Volkswagen team at (301) 808-7100 today!

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