Drivers at MD Honda Find Noteworthy Features for Family Drives

Honda dealership locations in MDIf you’re a family driver, then chances are that the people in your vehicle are some of those whom you care about the most. No matter how adorable the little ones can be, though, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with more messy situations than the average motorist.

At our MD Honda dealership, we’re thrilled to see so many families finding their perfect vehicle in the form of the 2015 Honda Odyssey. On-the-go messes call for on-the-go clean up, and this is a minivan that delivers in an innovative new way. recently praised the 2015 Odyssey’s available HondaVac as one of the best Family Friendly Features of 2015, and the team here at Pohanka Honda is inclined to agree. This convenient travel vacuum is included in the 2015 Odyssey Touring Elite model, and makes quick work of big messes no matter where they happen.

The vacuum itself is mounted inconspicuously into the wall of the cargo area, and equipped with a hose that easily reaches all the way to the front of the vehicle. With two different attachments and a waste bin that comes out for easy emptying, the 2015 Honda Odyssey makes it quick for MD drivers to tidy up on the road.

Peace of Mind Comes Standard with Honda

MD Honda Odyssey dealersDrivers of the 2015 Odyssey can rest easy about more than just cleaning up, though. Built around the Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure, this model is designed to channel energy in a collision around and away from the cabin to help keep occupants safe.

Drivers are also sure to appreciate the 2015 Odyssey’s advanced airbags, including dual-stage multiple-threshold front airbags, which span all three rows. Paired with advanced active features like available Forward Collision Warning, features like these help drivers to keep their families safe on the road.

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that Honda keeps your family in mind, too. For more information on this innovative family vehicle, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact Pohanka Honda online or to call our team directly at (301) 899-7800 today.

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MD Honda Dealership Helps Drivers Park with Ease

Honda Fit dealers in MDFor many drivers, even the daily commute can be one of the best parts of the day. Your time behind the wheel is perfect for clearing your mind, enjoying the ride, and taking in the scenery. When you get to your destination, though, that serenity can be quickly shattered by a less-than-perfect parking situation.

At our MD Honda dealership, we know how rough it can be to find a spot sometimes. Particularly in urban areas, scenarios like tight spots, back-in head-out spaces, or the dreaded need to parallel park can make it rough to find a good place to let your car take a break.

Fortunately, the 2015 Honda Fit lives up to its name and is the perfect fit for city streets. In addition to being compact and nimble, this model plays host to many features that make pulling off tricky parking a breeze.

2015 Honda Fit Makes Short Work of Tight Spots

MD 2015 Honda Fit dealershipFor starters, the 2015 Honda Fit lets MD drivers find their way through winding city streets without a second thought. Its subcompact body and tight handling are perfect for corners and alleyways, but won’t leave you hurting for space thanks to the airy cabin.

When it comes time to back into or out of your parking space, the 2015 Fit still has you covered thanks to its standard rearview camera. With its multi-angle camera, this system displays the area behind the 2015 Fit from three different angles. Paired with your mirrors and your own eyes, this camera can help you remain aware of your surroundings.

Needless to say, this feature can also prove to be invaluable when approaching a parallel parking space. When you factor the 2015 Fit’s sharp handling into the mix, you’ll be shifting into park in no time.

To experience the impeccable design of the 2015 Honda Fit for yourself, head to Pohanka Honda today; we promise to have plenty of parking spaces for you to choose from. To schedule your test drive, be sure to contact our Honda dealer online or to call our team at (301) 899-7800 today!

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Salisbury MD Honda Drivers it is Fall and That Means Slippery Leaves and Roads

When east coast drivers think of slippery roads, they often envision black ice or snow-covered streets. However, Salisbury, MD Honda drivers should be prepared in the fall for slippery roads and dirty windshields.

We tend to think of danger in the extremes such as the slick roads from blizzards in winter or the danger of breakdowns of overheating in the heat waves of summer. Our MD Honda dealership believes it is important to understand the dangers of the upcoming fall season.

Avoid the Grief, Your Bald Tire Can’t Grip That Wet Leaf

MD HondaFall tends to be a rainy season, which of course means you should drive with caution. Mix this rain with leaves on the ground and you have a recipe for disaster. Built up wet leaves are just as slick as ice, so it is imperative you have good tread left on your tires.

MD Honda drivers do not dismiss this and say, “I will wait until winter to change my tires.” The grooves in the tire need something to grab and the wet leaves fill the gap when it is too low. Believe us, skidding when you are aware of dangerous snow is scary, but when you are not expecting it is even worse.

Also, make sure your fluids are topped off and clean. A lot of dirt and mud accompany fall, so simply making sure you have enough windshield washing fluid is a quick and easy fix. You don’t want that truck coming from the other side of the road to hit a mud puddle, cover your windshield, and you can’t even clean it.

Although the weather is an enjoyable brisk, you should make sure your heat is working properly for the upcoming winter. Let it run a little before you drive to burn off any dust you may have in your vents. Don’t get caught in traffic with no heat later in the year.

These are just some of the things you should look out for as fall takes its hold on summer. For more preventative maintenance, the technicians at Pohanka Honda of Salisbury, MD will gladly help you. Call (866) 546-7992 today or visit to schedule an appointment.

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