MD Hyundai Spring Driving Tips: Stay Safe Even When the Snow Is Gone

Hyundai Service SpecialsJust because the snow and ice have melted away, the days got longer, and you are willing to roll your windows down for some fresh air, does not mean the there aren’t a few precautionary measures you can take. Our MD Hyundai dealership has some spring driving tips for you.

Spring Has Sprung and So Has New Hazards

Two of our main concerns with spring driving are potholes and the rain. The roads get destroyed in the winter and those potholes can severely damage your car. Your tires can blow out, the rims can get bet, your alignment will get thrown off, and all other sorts of issues can stem from hitting one pothole completely wrong. What masks potholes very well? Rain water.

Pohanka Hyundai ServiceRain is such a huge concern. Our Maryland Hyundai service center highly suggests you make sure your tires have enough tread so you don’t constantly skid on wet road conditions. Rainwater can also fill potholes making it look like a shallow puddle instead of a gaping hole in the road. You should also replace your windshield wipers so you can better combat the deluges.

Your car isn’t the only thing in danger. You need to watch out for your health as well. This is why getting the cabin air filter replaced is such a good idea. It will help alleviate allergies so you can keep your eyes on the road instead of sneezing. You might take medications to take the blur out of those teary eyes, but these can actually impair your driving. Drowsiness is a big side effect, so make sure you know what your meds are doing to you.

These are just some precautions you can take to better suit spring driving. For more information on services you can get at Pohanka Hyundai of Salisbury, MD, please call us at (866) 546-7957.Hyundai Service

How to Get More Miles Per Gallon: Salisbury Hyundai Service Tips

Salisbury Hyundai ServiceMany of our hybrid vehicles will get you impressive fuel-efficiency, but not everyone can afford a new car. For those who want to get the most per gallon, our Salisbury Hyundai service center has some tips for you.

Of course you would love to own one of our popular Hyundai Sonata Hybrid models for maximum fuel-efficiency, but you can even make sure these are at the top of their game. You don’t need to completely replace parts with our MD auto repair, simply maintain what you have.

Top Tips for Better Miles-Per-Gallon

Tidy up. What do we mean? How about cleaning out the trunk of you car? All that extra weight does add up and forces your car to burn more fuel than usual.

MD Auto RepairWhen was the last time you checked your gas cap to see if it seals properly? If it is leaking gas, you are losing money. Simple things like a tune-up on older parts will help you save money in the long run. Spark plugs that fire properly, oxygen sensors that aren’t worn out, properly inflated tires, and unclogged fuel injectors will all help you save money in the long run.

We are pretty adamant about this tip. USE THE RECOMMENDED OIL! The wrong oil will not allow your engine to work at its peak performance.

Our Salisbury Hyundai service center only uses the recommended products and genuine OEM parts for maintenance and repairs. You can trust if you bring your vehicle to us, it will get the proper treatment. For more information on how to keep your vehicle running properly or to schedule service, call us today at (866) 546-7957.

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Car Repair Center in Alexandria VA Offers Customers Advice on Automotive Paint

Visit Wagonwork Collision for all your automotive repair needs. This car repair center in Alexandria VA has all the answers when it comes to what type of automotive paint best suits your car. Those unsure of whether or not to select water-based paints can find all the answers at Wagonwork Collision!

Among the decisions you’ll have to make after any kind of collision is what type of paint best suits your car. Wagonwork Collision water-based paints use few or no solvents, and use additives like binding agents. The water in the paint dilutes the pigment and carries it to the car body. The biggest benefactor of water-based paint, though, is that it greatly reduces Volatile Organic Compound, making it incredibly more healthy for the environment.

While one of the biggest concerns for repair after a collision is color matching, Wagonwork Collision customers needn’t worry. This auto repair center uses manufacturer paint formulas specific to the make, model and year of the car.

While it is often believed that water-based paint can be more expensive, with the technical advancements of the equipment and the fact that it is now more widely used, it is incredibly cost-effective. It has been proven that those who use water-based paint gain more paint coverage while using less product and without sacrificing the finished quality and appearance of the job.

Find out more about why you should choose water-based automotive paints at Wagonwork Collision. Visit this car repair center in Alexandria VA today!

Car Repair Center in Alexandria VA Offers Incredible Service

Available now to drivers is a car repair center in Alexandria that offers premium service when it comes to you and your quality vehicle.

Wagonwork Collision is here to offer its customers top-notch collision repair. Our full-service collision repair center has the expertise to provide excellent vehicle bodywork to all makes and models. Wagonwork Collision Center has been serving Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas for nearly five decades and is an established business that customers can trust with their vehicle.

Be sure to call Wagonwork Collision at (703) 684-2985 or visit to find out about service specials available now!

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