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With over 40 years of continuous production, the Honda Civic has a long history to be proud of. Even more impressive, though, is the model’s ability to remain fresh and youthful with each new generation. While many vehicles seem to have an expiration date, the Civic continues to draw drivers back time and time again.

Considering the overwhelming popularity of this classic, it’s only logical that we like to reflect on the model’s history from time to time here at our Northern Virginia Honda dealer. Great minds thinks alike, of course, so it makes sense that was recently compelled to take a look back at the Civic’s history, too!

Standout Civics

Over the years, this model has worn many different hats and taken on many different shapes and styles. Many of these variations have gone on to influence the modern Honda Civic models at our Northern Virginia dealership, keeping the nameplate fresh with each new generation.

1975 Honda Civic

A noteworthy turning point was the mid 1980s, when the automaker branches out and added two new distinctions to the lineup. 1984 saw the arrival of the 122 horsepower Civic Si, and the Civic Wagon arrived the following year.

Fast forward a decade, and you’ve got the first Type R Civic tearing onto the scene in 1998. A hatchback loaded with spirit, this sporty option remains a riveting choice for modern motorists today.

All-New Model Ushers In a New Age

Honda enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to right now. In addition to the wide selection of 2015 models at Honda of Chantilly right now, we’re already making space for the incoming 2016 Civic this fall.

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Better yet, the 2016 model is ready to satisfy just about every driver under the sun, offering the best of the automaker’s proud history. With a sedan, coupe, five-door, Si, and Type R all set to hit the road later this year, it’s a great time to take a test drive.

To learn more about our sprawling array of vehicles, as well as what’s coming around the bend from Honda, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (703) 633-2400 today!

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