Eye-Catching Acura Models Capture Our Hearts

When you’re shopping for a vehicle, getting from point A to point B is a given. What you’re really after is a vehicle that excites you and brings you to life behind the wheel.

Acura interior design

In short, you want a car that you love. After all, if you’re going to drive a vehicle every day and take the time to maintain it as time goes by, you deserve something special out on the road. Your vehicle plays a much larger role in your life, and you deserve to get the most out of it.

Getting The Most Of Every Mile

It probably goes without saying that the “special something” we look for at Pohanka Acura is easy to spot: we love to see the Acura insignia stamped onto the hood!

From an easy Sunday cruise to a summer road trip, Acura embodies everything that drives us wild about cars! Even beyond the alluring look that Acura builds into every model, your other senses are sure to be drawn to the automaker’s latest nameplates.

Acura exhaust systems

While it takes a special brand of gearhead to fall in love with the smell of gas or exhaust, just about any driver on the road has a soft spot for new car smell. The only thing better, or course, is the smell of a brand new Acura model with leather seating!

Acura’s attention to detail under the hood is sure to make your ears perk up, too. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of hitting the road with a finely tuned i-VTEC engine purring under the hood, you might just have trouble going back to the way things were before; we don’t think you’ll mind, though.

i-VTEC engine

To experience the qualities that make driving a new vehicle such an exhilarating experience firsthand, drop by and take a test drive at Pohanka Acura. We invite you to contact us online or to call our team at (703) 968-6600 today!

Acura dealer inventory

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