Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most out of Your Car

You rely on your car day in and day out, and chances are that your vehicle is a big part of your life. After all, vehicle ownership can be a pretty awesome experience. Chances are, though, that you’re only unlocking part of your vehicle’s potential.

No, we’re not going to tell you how to turn your car into a giant robot. But we do have some tips to help you save on time and enjoy your vehicle to the fullest!

Embracing Any Weather

One thing that tends to throw a wrench in the works for many motorists is a shift in the weather. Whether it’s extreme hot or cold, driving in crazy climates isn’t always fun.

Car cover

In cold weather, snow tends to be the biggest hindrance. If you’re sick of brushing snow off your windshield, simply tuck a blanket into your door and lay it across the windshield before shutting the other door on it. In the morning, just roll up the blanket and be on your way. Careful, though; we don’t recommend this for the whole car, as even soft blankets may damage the finish. For this, get a dedicated cover intended for vehicles!

In the cabin, both cold rainy days and hot humid ones can fog up your windows pretty badly. The trick here is to do more than just run the defroster. Instead, run the defroster to clear the windshield while also turning on the air conditioning and cracking the windows. The added circulation, particularly of the drier a/c air, will help to remove the moisture from your car’s windows while the defroster works on the windshield.

Defogging windshield

Of course, the summer sun can make getting into your car tough, too. Start by opening one window, then opening and shutting the opposite door; this forces the heated air out of the open window. Once you get going, crack the windows when you first turn the a/c on to pull more cool air into the car!

With these tricks, you’ll find yourself enjoying more time cruising in comfort and less time worrying about the weather. To learn more about how to get the most out of your car, or to get into the perfect new vehicle, be sure to contact Pohanka Honda online or to call our team at (301) 899-7800 today!

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Make A New Year’s Resolution That Will Stick

With our new calendars hanging on the wall, many of us find ourselves thinking about things like new beginnings, changes, and opportunities to improve. After all, the idea of a New Year’s resolution is one that almost everyone has taken for a spin at one point or another.

Of course, many of us start to lose steam after a couple months, weeks, or even days. Take a look at these hints from the Pohanka Honda team on how to stay the course!

New Year's resolutions

Work Your Way Up

Like any change in your life, your resolution should be something manageable. Bear in mind that everyone’s need and capabilities are different when it’s time for a change!

An example is the classic resolution of trying to lose weight or get into better shape. If your resolution is to be in the gym for two hours every day, there’s a higher chance that you’ll burn out and give up. Instead, commit to something more realistic like walking around the block after dinner or getting to the gym three days a week to create a change that you can stick with.

Do Your Research

It’s also important to look ahead to see what sort of secondary changes you can expect with your resolution. Knowing what lies ahead will help you to keep at it, and will also help you have more realistic expectations.

Sticking with our example, many people lose weight faster when they first start dieting and exercising and then more slowly as time goes on and their bodies adapt. Those looking to put on muscle won’t likely see results until they’ve been at it for a few months. Knowing what to expect can help prevent disappointment.

Don’t Forget To Maintain

In addition to fostering new habits, don’t forget to reward and embrace your existing good habits. You’ve already got a lot going on for you, so be sure to maintain all of those good things while making changes!

New Honda vehicles

If your plans for this year involve a new vehicle, or if your resolution includes keeping your car clean or better maintained, then our experts can help you with a plan of attack to start 2016 strong! To learn more, be sure to contact Pohanka Honda online or to call our team at (301) 899-7800 today.

Pohanka Honda Offers Tip to Help Drivers Keep Safety in Mind

Whether you’re a new driver or a veteran behind the wheel, chances are that you were taught in no uncertain terms that drinking and driving don’t mix. For modern motorists, though, driving while under the influence isn’t the only scenario that should be avoided.

A busy lifestyle and a hectic schedule can undoubtedly carve out a new landscape of risks, too. At Pohanka Honda, we believe that being aware of potential risks is the first step for safety conscious drivers.

Keep Your Car and Your Mind On Course

This one might be easier said than done, but daydreaming or getting distracted while you’re behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. Whether you’re wrapped up in what’s left on your to-do list or letting your mind drift to what’s for dinner, making a conscious effort to stay focused on the task at hand is essential.

Don’t Give In to Temptation

Many modern motorists are practically attached to their phones, and it’s easy to see why; from friendly texts and work emails to your favorite music and snapshots, your smartphone does it all. It seems like there’s always a beep or blip to grab your attention.

Texting and driving

While driving, though, your phone shouldn’t be anywhere on your list of priorities. Studies show that texting while driving is nearly twice as dangerous as driving drunk. If communicating on the go is crucial, than our team insists on taking advantage of hands-free functionality like Bluetooth and HondaLink.

Be Sure to Stay Alert

A significant side effect of a busy schedule is a tendency to be a bit overtired. Unfortunately, the reality is that drowsy driving is extremely dangerous. This is particularly true of drivers on a long trip, those who use sleep aids, and younger drivers who lack the judgment to pull over for a rest.

Falling asleep while driving

If you notice that you’re feeling tired on the road, or worse, if you notice your focus is drifting, then it’s time to make a pit stop. Get some rest and grab a cup of coffee before pulling back onto the road. If need be, don’t hesitate to postpone your trip while you take a break to regain your energy.

Even with the latest features for vehicular safety and awareness, it’s essential that drivers do everything possible to minimize or eliminate distractions on the road. For more information on how you can foster safe driving habits, be sure to contact Pohanka Honda online or to call our team at (301) 899-7800 today!

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