Pohanka Lexus Chimes in on Top Local Restaurants

Whether you’re just driving off of the Pohanka Lexus lot in a brand new car or you’ve been enjoying your vehicle for many miles, chances are that elegance played a key role in drawing you to the driver’s seat of a Lexus. After all, few experiences can rival the feeling of a ride from this legendary automaker.

Even on the smoothest ride, though, the purr of the engine will eventually be met by the growl of your stomach. From a Friday night date to a leisurely Sunday drive, a great meal is always the perfect complement. Fortunately, Chantilly has plenty of great cuisine to offer!

A Flavor for Every Taste

If you’re out early, there’s no better place to stop for breakfast or brunch than Eggspectation. A wide variety of options ranging from simple eggs to mouthwatering omelets is sure to appeal to just about anyone. With all-day hours, don’t rule out breakfast for dinner!

Breakfast in Chantilly

Of course, our fine city is also overflowing with southern hospitality. Nowhere is that more apparent than Willard’s BBQ Incorporated! From famous ribs to all of the country sides and fixings you could dream of, this is a gem of a spot where the food speaks for itself.

Chantilly bbq restaurants

Last on our list is certainly not least. Even in an area known for fresh seafood, Ford’s Fish Shack stands out. Don’t let the name fool you; the South Riding location is much more than a shack! If it comes out of the sea and you love to devour it, you’ll find it here at its very best.

When it comes to finding the perfect destination for your next ride, let your taste buds be your guide. If you’re looking for a special occasion to celebrate over dinner, then contact us to schedule a test drive. The only thing better than fresh local cuisine is fresh local cuisine to celebrate getting into a brand new vehicle at Pohanka Lexus!

Pohanka Lexus inventory

The Future is Now with Lexus’ Newly Created Real Life Hoverboard

Lexus hoverboard debut

Perhaps one of the most popular and beloved explorations of time travel in popular media, Back To The Future II shows us a 2015 very different than the one we’re currently living in. While many of the mainstays of the future – like “futuristic” soda bottles and self-adjusting clothing – seem laughable in hindsight, one of the film’s inventions has become a staple when looking forward: the hoverboard.

Marty McFly recreation of his classic skateboard chase with a brand new hoverboard has become a cinema favorite, with today’s consumers landing somewhere between seriousness and jest when they complain on social media about real-life 2015’s lack of hoverboards.

It might be more fitting now, though, to say “2015’s former lack of hoverboards.” That’s right: Lexus’ love of innovation has led the automaker to throw its hat into the ring by designing a hoverboard, and the project’s success is unprecedented.

Lexus Redefines What’s Possible

Combining real-world innovation with a strong sense of imagination, Lexus’ engineers have managed to create SLIDE, the first functional hoverboard. This step testifies not only to the automaker’s passion for crafting new technology, but also to what can come from unbridled dedication.

Ross McGouran, a professional skateboarder from London, is among the first to call himself a hoverboarder. Of his experience on the SLIDE, he says, “It literally like I’m starting to live again from the beginning. It’s never been done before. There’s no friction underneath you at all. It’s actually… it’s floating on air.”

SLIDE hoverboard from Lexus

You won’t have to worry about Lexus’ invention being wrapped in the electric neon colors that filled the heads of designers in the 1980s, either. Instead, SLIDE’s creators have taken cues from Lexus’ sleek style while designing the board. You’ll find that it captures a timeless sense of style and modernity, making use of materials like bamboo and carbon fiber for a smooth look.

While you won’t find SLIDE on the streets just yet, it’s a thrill to see the future materializing before your eyes. For more information on the latest in Lexus news, or to schedule a test drive in one of the smoothest vehicles to ever touch pavement, be sure to contact Pohanka Lexus online or to call our team at (703) 968-9100 today.

Pop Culture Highlights the Power and Prestige of the Lexus Nameplate

For drivers who are eager to capture the best behind the wheel, the iconic Lexus badging says it all. Instantly recognizable, Lexus vehicle are affiliated with status, success, performance, and power.

The drivers who visit Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly seeking the impressive aesthetic of a Lexus vehicle aren’t alone, either. For a quarter of a century, the minds behind many of your favorite media projects have been looking to Lexus to provide an unparalleled sense of refinement.

Music to Your Ears

Lexus surround sound systemsWith so much beauty built into the design of each Lexus, it’s easy for the visual aspect to overshadow the sonic element of these captivating vehicles. Once you hear a new Lexus purr, though, you’re sure to remember that sweet sound forever.

Of course, the tailpipe isn’t the only place you’ll hear the sound of a Lexus; if you’re a hip-hop fan, then you’ve probably heard the automaker’s name pumped through your speakers, too. Artists like R. Kelly, Ice Cube, and Jay Z have all been inspired to reference the legendary brand in their songs.

Action-Packed Appearances

Lexus GX 460 capabilityFrom action to drama, many television shows and films have put Lexus’ lineup to the test when it comes to performance. Whether it’s running down criminals or tackling tough terrain, Hollywood’s love affair with Lexus is worth watching.

Fans of The Sopranos will surely remember Tony Soprano sliding into a Lexus for a chase in the pilot episode, while others will recall the automaker’s role in the fifth installment of the ultimate car lover’s franchise, The Fast and the Furious.

Lexus has landed on the right side of the law on screen, too; agents in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cash in on the capability and class of the Lexus GF 460 when carrying out fieldwork.

Fantasy and Reality Meet in Lexus

Lexus LS 600H luxuryWhether you’re a fan of scripted drama or anything-goes reality television, you can count on Lexus to make an appearance when it comes to drivers who only settle for the best.

Ari Gold, Entourage’s successful Hollywood agent, has been shown behind the wheel of his Lexus LS 600h. Back in the real world, chef Robert Irvine chooses a Lexus RX throughout his Food Network reality show, Restaurant Impossible. Somewhere between the two, Larry David is often spotted in his silver Lexus GS on the mostly-improvised Curb Your Enthusiasm.

While your life may not always be eventful as your favorite shows and movies, Lexus can guarantee that you’ll have plenty to be excited about every time you slide behind the wheel. For more information on the latest vehicle from Lexus, be sure to contact Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly online or to call our team directly at (888) 851-0820 today.

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