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Road tripWhether you’re headed up the road or across the country, an adventure behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle is always worth sharing with your family, your friends, and, of course, your followers! You’re going to bring your smartphone along for the journey anyway, so it’s always fun to share a few updates along the way.

At Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg, our team is all about sharing the adventure! Just make sure your vehicle is in park or your designated social media master is seated in the shotgun seat before posting any updates. After safety, your top priority should be using the right hashtag for the occasion. Check out a few of our favorite suggestions, and then let the journey begin!


While every expedition starts with a single step, the modern adventurer can get the journey started with a single hashtag. Once your first post tagged with #HereWeGo hits social media, it’s official that the first chapter of your great American road trip has begun and that your crew is up for anything!

If you’re looking to post a photo with this tag, we suggest a shot that captures the endless possibilities of your trip. Whether it’s your backpack loaded with gear or the cabin loaded with your best buds, let your followers know that you’re ready for a good time.


Hashtag for road tripsThis tag is perfect for showing your followers just how much you’ve grown as a social sharer over the course of your trip. Whether it’s the bags under your eyes after an all-night trek or just a layer of road dust, prove you’re worth your salt as a modern day explorer by showcasing the change with a series of shots over the course of your trip.


While #NoFilter certainly isn’t just for road trips, it’s great for showing all of your followers just how beautiful the wide world can be. Whether you’re capturing a sunset, taking your own nature shots, or stopping at a famous manmade attraction, chances are that your trip doesn’t need any filters to grab a few likes from your followers!


Road trip with HyundaiAs much fun as the road can be, we all know how good it feels to get back to your own bed after a long journey. Show your followers how good it feels to be home by tossing #GoodToBeHome onto a photo of your car in its regular spot in the driveway or of your odometer with its newly added mileage!

No matter where you’re headed, be sure to be safe and to have plenty of fun along the way. For more road trip tips, or for help finding the perfect vehicle for the adventure, be sure to contact Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg online or to call our team at (800) 764-2652 today!

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