Wouldn’t You Like Maryland Auto Repairs for Less $$$

Maryland Auto RepairsWe know. There is not much worse than unexpected and costly automotive repairs. Whether you got in an accident or a part just happened to fail, our Maryland auto repairs will help save you money.

From Recall and Warranty Checks to Service Coupons…You Save

It is unfortunate cars aren’t made to withstand absolutely everything we throw at them, but luckily our Toyota models are made to last. At our Salisbury Toyota service center we do our best to keep your beloved car in the best shape possible.

If a part just happens to fail you, we will investigate your current warranty status and even check recalls on your vehicles. You may end up not having to pay for anything at all if these are covered.

Salisbury Toyota ServiceDon’t worry if you have an older car and it is out of warranty. We still have plenty of ways to save. We regularly update our service coupons to help you save on new parts like batteries and brakes or even services like oil changes. Our coupons also offer variable discounts to help you save on any repair.

When an issue arises, be sure to choose our Salisbury Toyota service center to save you some money. We will gladly do everything we can. Call (866) 547-3989 today if you have any questions.

Salisbury Toyota Service

Tacoma and Tundra Models are ‘Best Cars For The Money’ for Maryland Toyota Shoppers

Consumers want the best deal possible so they get the most for their money. According to News & World Report, Maryland Toyota shoppers cannot go wrong with the 2013 Tacoma and Tundra models.

The superior service at Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury is one of the reasons it is a top Maryland Toyota dealership in the area. However, the superior vehicles like the 2013 Tacoma and Tundra help ensure customers drive away happy.

U.S. News & World Report recently awarded the 2013 Tacoma “Best Compact Truck for the Money” for the second year in a row, and the 2013 Tundra drove away with “Best Full Size Truck for the Money.” With these two accolades, Maryland Toyota Tacoma and Tundra drivers gain bragging rights over other pickups on the road.

Turn to Toyota for the Best Pickups for the Money

Maryland ToyotaThe U.S. News & World Report bases “Best Cars for the Money” on 21 categories focused around pure quality.  Whichever vehicle has the highest composite score, will win its segment.

The quality is measured through U.S. News car rankings. These rankings compare safety, reliability, and a consensus of industry expert’s opinion, while the value is measured by a combination of a vehicle’s five-year total cost of ownership and the average price paid for the vehicle.

Both of these pickups are sure to deliver unsurpassed performance for their segments. After all, a half-ton Tundra without any special modifications did transport a spaceship. It is still early in the year for both of these 2013 models to take away additional accolades, and we hope sure Toyota is going to try to top pulling a spaceship across the Manchester Boulevard Bridge.

If you are interested in getting the best quality for your money, then call Pohanka Toyota of Salisbury at 866-547-3989 to test-drive the 2013 Tundra and Tacoma. Maryland Toyota shoppers can also get more information on all models by visiting

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