Simple Steps Bring Drivers to VA Collision Centers for Repairs

VA collision repair centersWhen you’re involved in an automobile accident, it’s easy to become flustered or overwhelmed in the aftermath. It’s important to keep your head on straight, though, as handling an accident correctly can play a big role in how quickly you get back on the road.

At our VA collision centers, we’re no strangers to the confusion that can follow an accident. What do you do first? Who do you call? What are your legal responsibilities? Our expert team can help you approach things efficiently to get things back in order quickly.

Approaching an Accident Accordingly Allows for Accelerated Accommodation

Body shop collision repair in VirginiaThe first and most important priority after an accident is ensuring that you, your passengers, and other motorists involved are all safe. Check for other vehicles or hazards before leaving your vehicle, and then check on the wellbeing of all others involved. If necessary, calling for medical assistance should always be the first step after an accident.

Next, be sure to stay at the scene and address all of your legal responsibilities. You’re lawfully obligated to call the police to file an accident report, and you also need to exchange contact and insurance information with other drivers.

After that’s taken care of, it’s time to visit one of our collision centers in Virginia to get your vehicle back into top shape. You have the right to choose the shop where your vehicle is repaired after an accident, and at Pohanka Collision we go above and beyond to make it as easy on you as possible.

Once you file your initial insurance claim, our expert team will take care of the rest. Whether we’re approved by the involved insurance agency right off the bat or need to file additional paperwork, you won’t need to handle the hassle. Our office we’ll make sure things are in order while our certified technicians get to work repairing your vehicle.

As long as you remember these key steps after an accident, you can count on being back on the road sooner than you think. For more information on our expert repair process, or to schedule a damage review appointment, be sure to contact our body shop in Virginia online or to call our team at (703) 751-5535 today!

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Drivers Find Trusted Care at VA Collision Centers

VA collision repair shop processWhen you turn the key and start your daily drive, chances are that safety is one of the main things you’ve got in mind; you certainly aren’t planning on needing the services of a body shop before the day is out, at any rate.

Even the most cautious drivers, though, can find themselves involved in the unfortunate circumstance of a fender bender. While these minor collisions aren’t the end of the world, it’s still important to know how to handle the situation.

First and foremost, make sure everyone is okay. Even if no one has been injured, it’s still important to stay on the scene until authorities have arrived; no matter how minor your damage is, leaving the scene is both illegal and unwise. Paperwork filed by an officer may be very important when you get your vehicle repaired!

Virginia Body Shop Hones in on Thorough and Efficient Repairs

Collision repair centers in VAAnother important thing to know is that you have the right to choose your own collision repair center in VA; while your insurance company may have a list of suggested locations, the final decision is yours to make. By choosing Pohanka Collision, you get to choose a quality repair on a faster timeline than the industry average.

Once you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll handle everything. In terms of the paperwork, we’ve got you covered. Simply file your initial claim, and leave the rest to our expert staff.

Speaking of experts, your car will be in the best of hands at Pohanka Collision. Our team of certified technicians has the training and experience to repair your vehicle from the inside out. Whether you’re looking for major body or just cosmetic repairs, we’ll have you up and running in top shape before you know it.

While a fender bender can certainly be stressful, it’s nothing to worry about as long as you keep your composure and set your sights on your local Pohanka Collision location. To learn more about repair process and how we can help you through this tough time, be sure to contact our VA collision centers online or to call us directly at (703) 751-5535 today!

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Drivers Trust the Experts at our VA Collision Center

Auto collision repair processWhen you’re involved in an auto accident, you can be left in a very vulnerable place. Even if no one is injured, the aftermath of a collision can be overwhelming; you know to exchange insurance information and file an accident report, but then you can be left wondering where to turn with your damaged vehicle.

Just like you trust the police to evaluate the situation and file a report, you need a quality VA collision center to help you take steps toward repairing your vehicle. Chances are that your car plays a very important role in your day to day life, so those essentials repairs shouldn’t be left to just anyone.

At Pohanka Collision Centers, we fully recognize the stress that can come in the wake of an accident and strive to take that weight off of our customers’ shoulders. Just as importantly, we’re experts in our industry; you can count on our team to take care of you and your vehicle.

Virginia Body Shop Practices Professional Service

Collision centers in VAAt our body shops in Virginia, we hire only the most qualified candidates to work on your vehicle. When you visit us, you’ll find a staff of factory trained technicians waiting to carry out the repairs you need.

Additionally, our facilities are I-Car Gold Status certified; this is the collision industry’s standard for training. Our repairs are also independently audited by Verifacts, a quality control company that is insurer-recognized. We are also direct partners with many major insurance companies.

Best of all, we offer a lifetime nationwide warranty. We also guarantee all of our paint and finish work for the entire time that you own your vehicle, adding to your peace of mind.

While any accident is unfortunate, choosing the right facility for your repairs can completely change your experience. To learn more about our expert team, or to schedule a damage assessment appointment, be sure to contact our collision centers in VA online or to pay us a visit today!

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