Virginia Car Repair Center Helps Drivers Brave The Season

When you slide into the cockpit of your Acura, you’re all set for a smooth and responsive ride. After all, a vehicle as luxurious as an Acura model is nothing if not a delight to drive.

That smooth performance, though, is the result of myriad interconnected parts and components all working together. At our Virginia car repair center, we know that this complex system needs to be properly maintained in order to continue providing the sophisticated ride that you love.

Acura car repair center in Virginia

Winter, in particular, is an important time to make sure you’re on top of your vehicle’s maintenance. Just like the cold weather can be tough for lots of folks, it can also be tough for your beloved car to endure.

Checking Winter Maintenance Off Your To-Do List

Taking care of your own maintenance isn’t always easy, especially when it involves being out in the cold. Fortunately, the experts at our Acura service center in Virginia are more than happy to help.

We recommend having your belts and hoses checked for starters. The cold weather causes these flexible components to harden, subjecting them to more stress than they’re typically under. This can turn small cracks into big problems. Checking these parts for issues before they worsen is the best way to steer clear of costly repairs down the road.

Virginia Acura car repair specials

Similarly, winter is a crucial time for checking your tires. The rubber of your tires will contract in cold weather, affecting your tire pressure and the way your tires wear down. Having them checked, filled, and rotated or replaced as necessary is crucial to keeping good traction. This is doubly true on snowy or icy roadways.

Our service center offers extended hours seven days a week; no need for an appointment, just bring it in! Our certified technicians will provide the help you need while you relax and stay warm in our comfortable lounge. For more information on winter maintenance, or if you prefer to schedule an appointment, simply contact Pohanka Acura online or call our team at (703) 968-6600 today!

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Expert Team Makes For an Exceptional Experience at Virginia Car Repair Center

Virginia car repair center

In the Pohanka Acura showroom, we take pride in making our customers our #1 priority during every interaction. Fortunately, you can depend on finding the same exquisite customer service when you bring your vehicle in to our service department.

For starters, the team at Pohanka Acura recognizes that making time to come in for service isn’t always at the top of your to-do list. To help alleviate the difficulty of visiting for service, we offer extended hours to meet your needs.

You’ll find our service department open from 6:00 AM until midnight Monday through Friday, as well from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM on the weekends. Even for busy DC commuters, dropping by for service is easy. Better yet, there’s no need for an appointment; just bring it in!

Service Specials Make for Easy Maintenance

In addition to our convenient hours, we strive to improve the car repair process at our Virginia shop by getting you back on the road quickly. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our expert certified technicians, as well as our state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to complete most repairs in under two hours.

Our customers are also glad to learn about our wide range of constantly changing specials, which are geared toward providing savings on key services.

Car repair specials in Virginia

Depending on your needs, you’re sure to find helpful offers among our valuable saving opportunities. From basic maintenance procedures to service packages and even detailing services, our offers are here to help you get the most out of your visit. You can save on everything from tires to oil changes!

To find the professional service and friendly assistance that you deserve while maintaining your vehicle, set your sights on Pohanka Acura. To learn more about the wide array of services that we provide, as well as our current specials, be sure to contact our Virginia car repair shop online or to call our team directly at (703) 968-6600 today!

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Drivers Keep on Rolling at Virginia Car Repair Centers

Virginia car repair locationsWhether you’re headed to work for the day or embarking on the next great American road trip, you’re putting your faith where the rubber meets the road. If your tires aren’t up to snuff, though, you’re not likely to get very far.

At our Virginia car repair centers, we’ve seen plenty of drivers’ plans cut short by a damaged tire. Even worse, though, is when a damaged tire is ignored. This can cause irreparable damage to the tire, bend the rim, and even throw off the car’s entire suspension system.

If you notice that one of your tires is unexpectedly flat, chances are you picked up a nail or a screw somewhere along the way. Similarly, a tire that is repeatedly low on air likely has a slow leak. In either instance, addressing the issue right away with professional attention is the first step toward protecting your car in the long run.

Determining Whether to Repair or Replace a Tire

Car repair shops in VirginiaIn many cases, a tire that’s been punctured with something sharp can be repaired by the experts at our car repair shops in Virginia. In this case, it’s best to put your spare tire on and bring the damaged tire with you to the shop; driving on an otherwise repairable tire can sometimes result in damage that’s beyond fixing.

Once you’re at the shop, our experts will find the source of your tire’s leak. You might not always spot a nail or screw right away, as the head is often worn away when it’s driven on. If the puncture is near the center of an otherwise sturdy tire, it can usually be plugged and patched for a dependable yet quick fix.

If the tire is too worn or the puncture is near the sidewall of the tire, though, then it will likely need to be replaced. In this case, our customers are always thrilled to learn about the Pohanka Group’s price match guarantee on tire replacement!

When your tires are running low, Pohanka Collision is the place to set your sights to have things fixed right the first time! To learn more about our facilities, including all of our available services, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (703) 751-5535 today.

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