Lexus Leads the Pack for Virginia Car Shoppers

Quality is crucial for any new car shopper, and that goes double for drivers who have their eye on a new luxury vehicle. After all, refinement and satisfaction go hand-in-hand. At our Virginia Lexus dealership, you’ll find both of these qualities in high supply.

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Lexus is an automaker with a prestigious reputation when it comes to quality and sophistication, and we’re proud to share that history with new customers at Pohanka Lexus. You don’t need to take our word for it, though. The numbers never lie, and they speak to Lexus’ outstanding quality, as well!

Consistency Places Lexus On Top

Each year, the Consumer Reports Car Brand Report Cards provide objective rankings for automakers. Based on a range of factors, including reliability and road test performances, these rankings provide each automaker with an overall score that can help to give prospective shoppers a feel for where a brand ranks among its competitors.

While rankings for the 2016 model year won’t be release until year’s end, shoppers who are checking out the new Lexus models at our Virginia showroom can still glean plenty of information from the Report Cards.

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The 2015 report released earlier this year placed Lexus at the top of the mountain, with the highest overall score of 78. Pointing out that Lexus was a nameplate that’s, “known for making quiet, plush, and very reliable cars,” Consumer Reports also found that Lexus provided the highest rating for reliability out of all the brands tested.

This isn’t the first time that Lexus has been found at the front of the pack, either. Last year’s report placed Lexus at the #1 brand, as well, so drivers can rest assured knowing that Lexus is focused on delivering consistent quality to its drivers.

To get ahead of the curve when it comes to quality and reliability, simply pay us a visit to text drive one of the latest Lexus models! We invite you to contact us online or to call the Pohanka Lexus team at (703) 968-9100 today.

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Virginia Lexus Dealer Shows Off Automaker’s Latest Innovations

New Lexus for sale in Virginia

100 years ago, four wheels and an engine might have been all that it took to create a cutting-edge vehicle. These days, however, modern motorists are looking for quite a bit more when they head to the dealership and slide behind the wheel.

At our Virginia Lexus dealer, shoppers will find themselves ensconced in cabins crafted with all of the latest features and design elements. This is due, of course, to the brand’s tireless commitment to improving on its own ideas time and time again.

Lexus Commits To Crafting An Exceptional Experience

Each time to slide into the cockpit of one of the new Lexus models at our Virginia showroom, you enjoy the culmination of generations’ worth of advancement. Every component has been designed, tweeked, and honed for your comfort.

From the shape and feel of the steering wheel to the placement of each touchpoint, control, and instrument panel, Lexus’ engineers have paid excruciating attention to detail while crafting the interior of every model.

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Of course, the automaker’s considerations also extend well beyond what you might notice at a glance. While you’re enjoying the refinement of the cabin, you can rest easy knowing that Lexus has put your vehicle to the test in extreme conditions that it isn’t likely to ever encounter out on the road. In one of the world’s most advanced driving simulators, each Lexus vehicle is subjected to intense temperatures, winds, and crash tests to help ensure your safety in just about any setting.

The result is a collection of vehicles that put your safety and wellbeing first. In fact, Lexus was the first automaker to introduce Driver Attention Monitor, Pedestrian Detection, and Advanced Parking Guidance systems, among others.

To enjoy all of the perks that come with an unbridled sense of innovation on the road, look no further than Lexus. For more information, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact Pohanka Lexus online or to call our team at (703) 968-9100 today.

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Lexus’ Penchant for Performance Thrills Virginia Drivers

For some automakers, luxury and performance are mutually exclusive qualities. Luckily for drivers who aren’t interested in compromise, Lexus is a brand that’s committed to instilling its lineup with both.

Many shoppers at our Virginia Lexus dealership tend to think of the F series when spirited performance is mentioned, and we don’t blame them. After all, models like the RC F and the upcoming GS F are renowned for their power and handling among performance fans.

Virginia 2015 Lexus RC F dealers

They aren’t the only intense performers in the Lexus garage, though. Every vehicle that sports a Lexus logo is sure to deliver when it comes to exhilarating thrills and responsive handling.

Expectations are Shattered Across the Board

When you visit us to see the selection of new Lexus vehicles at our Virginia showroom, you’re sure to be enthralled by the sheer commitment to outstanding engineering that permeates each model of the Lexus lineup.

If you’re eager to dominate in any terrain, start by checking out the automaker’s latest SUVs. The flagship LX sports a six-speed sequential-shift transmission paired with Multi-Terrain Select. The result is a model that can optimize performance for a range of traction and terrain scenarios.

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The GX builds on the same principles, adding the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System to the equation. With front and rear stabilizer bars, this system allows for less lean when cornering on the road and improved grip on uneven terrain.

Impressive handling isn’t limited to SUVs, either. From the twin-scroll turbocharger of the NX 200t to the MacPherson struts of the RX, coupes and sedans are built to dominate the road, too.

No matter what type of vehicle fits your lifestyle, you can count on an exciting driving experience thanks to Lexus’ commitment to engineering. For more information on the latest models, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact Pohanka Lexus online or to call our team at (703) 968-9100 today!

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