Our Easton area Volkswagen Highlights VW Models from the 40s to Today

1945 Volskwagen BeetleIt may be hard to believe, but Volkswagen has been around since the 1940s. What is even harder to believe is that the Beetle started this brand, it is still available today at our Easton area Volkswagen dealership, and you can still get your hands on one of the earliest model years.

The Brief History of Popular Volkswagen Models

1940s: Known as the “people’s car,” Volkswagen emerged on the scene courtesy of Ferdinand Porsche. Yes, Porsche is bred into your VW! 1945 marks to first official production of vehicle, starting with the Beetle.

1950s: It is time to hit the road with the family thanks to the 1950 Transporter born in Wolfsburg, Germany. This van was also popularly used for goods, postal delivery, camper, and even fire-fighting and police vehicles.

1960s: Ah, the Karmann Ghia, a two-seater, sports coupe. This vehicle fills out the VW lineup, and adds enticing elegance to solid manufacturer.

1970s: We Welcome the Popular Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen PassatWe want to highlight the Volkswagen Golf because it is the most popular vehicle in the lineup. It has continually improved with the times and demand, but kept its distinctive form that was designed in 1974.

1980s: In order to grab a market with a smaller budget, VW produced the Polo. It is very similar to the Audi 50, but much more affordable.

1990s: Enter the Lupo. Very similar in style to the Golf, this little car broke new grounds. It was the first ever series-produced car in the world to cover 100 kilometers on just three liters of diesel fuel.

2000s: You are used to these newer generation models you see today, and you have the Passat to thank for that. It is the first model to go into production and sets superb standards with front-wheel drive, a water-cooler 4-cylinder engine, and engines ranging from 55-hp to 110-hp.

It will be interesting to see which models break new grounds and what is to come in the future. But, for now, you can see every vehicle available today at our Volkswagen dealership serving Easton by calling (410) 548-3400.

New Volkswagen

Proof of Our Reliable Used Volkswagen Models in Salisbury

At some point someone decided they were going to spread the nasty rumor that Volkswagen vehicles were not reliable. We are here to dispel this slander and prove you should buy a used Volkswagen in Salisbury because they are not only reliable, but also stylish and fun to drive.

Has Anyone Else Hit 500,00 Miles

Seriously. Has anyone hit 500,000 miles in his or her car? Well, a Volkswagen can easily hit that many as proven by Matt Marion, deputy editor at Men’s Health magazine. He hit the half-million mark in his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T.  All he did was follow the routine maintenance schedule and this awesome auto repaid him with many, many miles.

Our Salisbury Volkswagen dealership will also have you know VW has more vehicles on the road than any other brand. This gives you plenty of awesome options when searching for a sleek used sedan or a humble hatchback.

Used Volskwagen-specialSpeaking of hatchbacks, did you know the Golf has been around since 1974? It is pretty impressive to think that MK4 was released in 2001 and you still see many of them on the road today. Its shape still stands nicely next to the latest models available today, and its fuel-efficiency even trumps 2014 model year vehicles in its class.

If you want the best of both new and used, the certified pre-own VW models are perfect. They offer you the latest and greatest technology, plus the added bonus of a warranty and a lower price point.

So how is that for reliability? Still think you should go with another manufacturer because someone said it can easily get over 100,000 miles, or would you rather try to hit 500k? Call our Salisbury VW dealership today at (410) 548-3400 to learn more about how you can save now and in the long run with a used Volkswagen.

Used Volkswagen in Salisbury

Volkswagen Dealership in MD Brings Drivers More Value in New Vehicles

2014 Volkswagen GTI MD dealershipAside from a place to live, a vehicle is the most significant investment that most of today’s drivers make. Like any investment, value is a key factor to consider when making a wise decision concerning what vehicle to purchase.

At our Volkswagen dealership in MD, we’re thrilled to offer our customers a wide array of VW models that come as a great value to our customers. As Volkswagen Group of America President and CEO Michael Horn has pointed out, “Volkswagen is committed to bringing German-engineered cars to the U.S. market at an accessible price.”

This ideology is alive and well at our Maryland dealership, and has even been noted in a recent analysis by U.S. News & World Report. Their experts recently compiled a list, 2014 Best Cars for the Money, and Volkswagen’s inherent value did not go unnoticed.

2014 Volkswagen GTI Delivers Phenomenal Value Behind the Wheel

2014 Volkswagen GTI in MarylandEarning the title “Best Upscale Small Car for the Money,” the 2014 Volkswagen GTI delivers drivers an invitingly luxurious design. Horn goes on to point out that the 2014 GTI is known for its “exceptional performance, practicality, and value.” Whether it’s the well-equipped 2014 GTI Wolfsburg Edition or the top of the line 2014 GTI Driver’s Edition, drivers can count on outstanding performance, as well.

Thanks to its turbocharged 2.0L direct-injection TSI engine, the word “exhilarating” becomes an understatement when describing the 2014 GTI. Whether it’s equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or six-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission, the 2014 GTI allows drivers to get the feel they love on the road.

For drivers who want to capture uncompromising comfort, exceptional performance, and the unrivaled precision of German engineering in one brilliant package, the 2014 GTI is certainly a vehicle that demands to be noticed.

To learn more about the 2014 Volkswagen GTI, including its pricing and availability, be sure to contact our Maryland Volkswagen dealer online or to call us directly at (301) 808-1700 today!

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